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Comment Old computer with better spec than the new ones (Score 4, Insightful) 310

in 2012, I bought a ASUS G75VX-DH72 with an Intel core I7 3630QM 16G (±3ghz) 256SSD + 500G 17.3 (full HD) with a NVIDIA GTX 870M Windows 8 for $1,700
I upgrade the HD for 1tb ssd and 2tb hdd 2 years ago (and obviously, I have w10 and Linux on it)

Today, 4.5 year later, I can buy a
ASUS G752VL Intel Core i7 6700HQ (±3ghz) , Windows Home 10 64-Bit, 16GB , 1TB HDD, 17.3" IPS FHD Display, NVIDIA GTX 965M for 1800$

Yeah, right, Why I need a upgrade ?

Comment 5 years old news ? (Score 0) 160

Well, as a ex-Canon user, when you compare the "new" technologies of Canon to some other manufacturers of digital camera, you can ask your self how Canon manage to sell small megapixel non-stabilized sensors with low ISO today. Canon look like the Apple of the camera, full of marketing strategies to sell bad hardware to unknownledge buyers thinking how cool is it...

And even on Slashdot. .. what happens to this site is the biggest question !

Comment Because the value added by Linux Mint is not only (Score 1) 254

I use it with Mate since day one.
I'm not a developer but Software architect and Mint Mate just do the job without any cumbersome thing to make it works with a normal stable DE unlike ubuntu.

And The distribution itself [DOESN'T] blacklists updates that work perfectly in Ubuntu and Debian, and the graphical utilities [DO] update the kernel when correctly configured when YRTF !

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