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Submission + - Chase is giving $250K to small business (

An anonymous reader writes: This is for my small business we repair Computers, Game Consoles and all Apple Products this year in December it will be our third year in business. We are a small family owned company who would like to expand and Chase is awarding 12 small businesses $250,000 each. We applied for this grant and one of the requirements is that we reach 250 votes before the deadline October 31, 2013. If you would like to see our page please visit and like our FaceBook page as well. THANKS!

Submission + - Cheap Couples S*x Toys Review – Chic Classic Traditional Vibrator by Adam (

AdamAndEveAsS writes: Item #X981, the Chic Classic Curve Vibrator. Easy to use traditional style vibrator in lots of different ways, this toy is perfect for couple’s play. You can begin playing with your partner’s external erogenous zones working your way to some internal stimulation. Its curve tip makes it easy to use for backdoor play, for him or for her. And don’t forget to use the special Coupon Code HOME24 for an amazing 50% OFF Discount plus FREE Shipping and a FREE His and Hers Romance Kit.

For more information about the offer please visit.

Comment sabredav looks like it can do what you want. (Score 1) 274


Check out this project on github:

It is a bridge between samba and webdav. You run it on your webserver and it connects to shares/machines that have samba shares on your LAN. It uses smbclient to access the LNA shares, converts it in WebDav. It lets me mount samba network shares on a Win7 as a driveletter, without the need to make a VPN connection.

mu € 0.02

Comment Re:How about loud? :P (Score 2) 240

Some people here at the office are fond of noise too.

I don't like noise, and (as beeing the owner of the company) suggested a couple keyboard changes.

Doesn't help.

Some guys that probably have never worked on, or maybe even seen a mechanical typewriter still seem to think that if they hit the keys harder (and max only use 4 fingers and 2 thumbs) the computers understands it better.

Don't think that is the way it works, but hey, I use other methods to irritate my minions.

Comment Re:Graduated College - WTF is 'Top Ramen' (Score 1) 524

Never heard about 'Top Ramen', so googled it. (I'm in Europe)

From it seems it a sort of pasta/noodle that is either a soup or a wet pasta, with pieces, in all sorts of flavours that can be artifically produced without hurting any animal.

From the rest of the comments, I can only conclude it is not very expensive, and does not require any level of cooking beyond cooking water.

Comment Weird, just red a news item that is booming.. (Score 5, Informative) 865

On: (dutch!!)

The main message translates to something like this:
"in 2011 the ten most visited movies have net resulted in EUR 73 milion. This is higher than the previous year when the top ten only grossed EUR 64,47 milion"

So what is the problem? About 10% increase doesn't look too bad to me?

Comment Pen and paper for me too! (Score 1) 823

Give it up on tech solutions; Math is best done with pen ad paper.
It's cheap, fast and accurate to the same extend as you are..

During my years in university, it was recommended you take notes, and work out your own notes afterwards. That was half the learning of it. (They even gave timescore points for it on my university if you did it or not)

Copying it from the bord and not doing it yourself will not teach you anything.

Learning Math (we are talking real Math here, not calculus) is getting into a routine, learning and doing it again and again, on paper, yourself..

I'd stongly advise AGAINST using a tool to learn Math..
(Like using a calculator destroys ones ability to do even the simplest sums)

Get over it, nothing in life is for free. No pain, no gain..


Comment My tools.... HAMMER AND A FRIGDE !! (Score 1) 399

How to recover, depends on the state of the device you want to recover things from..

Most people that come to me to recover stuff from a hd.. We ask what type of recovery they want...
Corrupt device, corrupt tape, corrupt tapedrive etc..

Corrupt hd -> Is it a software (filesystem issues)
-> recover4all does the undelete actions quite well on MS type fs-esses
-> Partition recovery (any fs)
-> UFS explorer (linux fs and much more)

Corrupt tape:
-> try tar, else rent really expensive professionals

Corrupt HD hardware (board)
-> Be sure to never junk old HD's.. swapping a HD PCB can fix tons of problems !

Corrupt HD mechanics:
-> Try a Linuxrescue/Knoppix CD.. and use dd_rescue... Goes a long way

If the HD mechanics problem does not work... Try:
-> Beers, fridge, rubberhammer, ziplock-bag:
  Cool down the HD quite a bit in a fridge, in a zip-locked bag (keeping it dry). Reconnect, keep it cool. Hit it with a rubber hammer fron the side...
use dd_rescue.. Then if you can copy it to a working device then use the fs/software tools..

Over the last 10 years, on about 50 disks like that, I got a 70% ratio. On tons of different disks.. Novell Netware, EXT3, XFS etc formated disks..

Be sure.. If a customers asks about pricing.. It ain't cheap !! Sometimes it took me 10 hours for a single disk.. (from a no-RAID Netware server, without backups, that was easily over 2000 euro !!) only 4 files out of 50.000 were corrupt... But had to do the whole thing.. (hd replacement board, in frigde , hit it with rubber hammer, dd_rescue etc)

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