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Comment Re:Rent-Seeking (Score 1) 157

This will be for the OpEX over CapEX rapid upsize / downsize organisations. They can change their numbers monthly and immediately expense it rather than having to predict sizes and expenses for three years at a time. These are the same people who do Office 365 monthly rather than getting it baked into an EA.

Comment Re:I still have me BBC (Score 1) 157

Well, the little used Microsoft Windows comes with a couple. The scripting host does Basic of a sort. (VBScript) I prefer JScript if forced to use it. The 'absolutely part of the OS' browser does JavaScript even if you don't go for weird stuff like HTAs. PowerShell is great but GUIs take a bit of fiddling with XML.

That's out of the box. There are other options for download.

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