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Submission + - WWDC Claim Exposed: Apple Safari 5 Not Fastest (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple claimed at WWDC that its new Safari 5 browser is "fastest." Faster than Chrome; faster than Firefox; and definitely faster than IE. The claim does not hold water as the PCWorld compiled story shows. Apple may have good marketing people, but blatant false claims are, well, false.

Submission + - Oz Firm To Offer Android-based iPad Rival ( 1

bennyboy64 writes: On the eve of the launch of the Apple iPad internationally, Australian PC manufacturer Pioneer has revealed plans to launch an Android-based competitor, reports ZDNet. Pioneer issued a release this week stating it would launch its DreamBook ePad 7. The company has billed the tablet as 'a revolutionary iPad-style mobile computer' at the Computex trade fair in Taiwan, which runs from the 1 to 5 June.
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Submission + - Berners-Lee Deconstructs a Bag of Chips (

itwbennett writes: At the O'Reilly Gov 2.0 Expo, being held this week in Washington, D.C., Tim Berners-Lee compared the concept of linked open data to a bag of Utz Kettle Classics Crunchy Potato chips. The explanation goes something like this:

The outside of the bag contains different sets of information, each using a different vocabulary and coming from a different source, Berners-Lee explained. The front of the package displays the name of the brand and the company's own marketing claim that the chips are crunchy. The back of the package has nutritional information, such as calories and vitamins, defined by terms generated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Finally, there is a Universal Product Code (UPC) bar code on the bottom of the package, which is not understood by humans at all but rather is recognized by scanning machines globally as the moniker for the item. In other words, this single package of information actually is a collection of data and attributes that have been developed by multiple parties, not just Utz.

Submission + - Teen pregnancies in Canada plummet 40% (

voislav98 writes: In not so "news for nerds" the Toronto Star reports that teen pregnancy rates in Canada dropped 36.9 per cent between 1996 and 2006, according to research released Wednesday by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada. Although socio-economic inequality has been identified as the key factor influencing teen pregnancy rates, high-quality sex education in schools and easy access to health services were also found to be important. The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada receives funding from the makers of Trojan condoms. Incidentally, US pregnancy rates only dropped 25% over the same period, widening the teen-pregnancy gap between the two countries to 32.4 per 1000 women (27.9 vs 60.3). Both countries are yet to catch up to the 0.03 per 1000 women of the Slashdot nation.

Submission + - Wine 1.0 will be released in June'08 (

mrcgran writes: "Wine has just published a release plan. Wine 1.0 will be released on 6 June 2008 or shortly after, to celebrate its 15th anniversary: 'To give the 1.0 release some concrete meaning, we have chosen a few key apps (see WineReleaseCriteria; in particular, Photoshop CS2) that should run well with Wine 1.0. Those apps all run reasonably well now. The only thing that could stop the 1.0.0 release are regressions in those key apps. Users are encouraged to test their favorite apps with the release candidate builds and report any problems they find, regardless of whether their apps are on the list of release criteria. If the fix is easy, we'll try to do it. ' Dan Kegel has also sent in a post asking the Wine community to vote for 1.0 bugs so they can be prioritized for 1.0."

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