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Comment Re:DSL shouldn't be considered broadband any more. (Score 1) 104

Broadband refers to the bandwidth, not the technology. As of January 2015, the FCC defines "Broadband" as a minimum of 25/3 Mbps. Prior to then it was 4/1 Mbps.

There are technology efforts to boost DSL speed to Gigabit. Personally, I look forward to that as my cable provider needs a bit of competition.

Comment What could go wrong? (Score 2) 344

I've never really understood why "the man" wants to make it hard for me to spend my money to legally access the content I want to watch.

Lets presume Neflix can identify 2000 European works in their existing global catalog. To attain 20% European content, their European Catalog suddenly becomes limited to 10,000 movies. This will be 8000 mainstream movies and 2000 European movies. Anyone who wants to watch Independents or Classics will be out of luck.

The real question is what the customers do next. Will they step in line and only watch the "Mass Media" movies? Or, will they find themselves driven to VPNs and PirateBay in search of the classics.

Comment Competition (Score 1) 148

I think the bigger issue is a lack of significant competition. For example, look at cities where Google Fiber is even just a rumor. All the sudden, the incumbents start offering faster connections with greater bandwidth and for less money than they do in other locales. What we really need to do is to make it easier for Google and others to expand into more cities.

One of the most significant barriers to entry is that the telco and cable providers have exclusive use of the "low voltage" part of the pole. Requiring utility poles to be publicly owned and for space on them to be leased on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms to all providers would go a long way towards encouraging this.

Comment Internet access? (Score 4, Insightful) 119

I have never understood why macros need access to the Internet or to run an external program. Personally, I would rather be prompted if a macros needs to connect outside of the document. It would make more sense to me than telling me that a document is scary simply because I emailed it to my self via gmail,

Comment Seems like good strategy. (Score 2) 49

It appears that Apple is adapting iCloud so that it can use any of the "storage as a service" providers. My guess is that they are on a quest to "partner" with anyone and everyone that rents space on hard drives.

In addition to being able to scale up and down rapidly, it also improves their ability to rapidly abandon any providers that don't play the game according to Apple's whims.

Comment run and hide (Score 5, Interesting) 288

Unless you wish to become the IT department for your sizeable extended family, don't touch this. The moment you take over patch management is the moment that others (Microsoft, Geek Squad, MS Fixit, etc.) cease being able to fix minor problems when their PCs go goofy.

If you do want to become the IT department, look into Microsoft's Enterprise solutions. They continue to allow personalized patch management there.

Comment Re:That is the problem. (Score 1) 30

The advance notification was extremely useful to me. It allowed us to catalog our use of OpenSSL and to start planning our maintenance. This significantly improved our responsiveness on the 9th.

There needs to be (and is) a disctinction between advance notification and full disclosure. The advisory of July 6th was advance notification. The June 9th advisory has the details you desire. It came out at the same time as the fix.

Comment Scale (Score 4, Informative) 62

To help understand the scale, the cable length is approximately the diameter of the earth (12742 km).

It is also 25-50% longer than the undersea hop for the longest cable paths (NY to London, LA to Sydney, San Francisco to Tokyo, Sao Palo to Gibraltar, etc.). This has the potential to allow electronics to stay on land, where they are easily maintainable and upgradable and with easy access to electricity.

Interesting development, indeed.

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