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Comment Re:They're worse for anything except up-close view (Score 1) 179

What benefit do curved monitors give? I was told "the whole the screen is more evenly at the same distance from your eyes". But what I heard was "the screen is laid out in an unexpected and distorted way that screws with your brain"

Once you need reading glasses you will suddenly understand the value in having the screen more evenly at the same distance from your eyes. Today I accomplish this by carefully positioning my multiple monitors. At some point I probably will replace them all with a larger curved QHD display.

Comment Re:Prime is starting to suck (Score 1) 183

Am I missing something about their guarantee, or do I have to bitch and moan every time a late package costs me money? Will they limit this, and do they compensate you in some other way?

Yes, No, Yes and No. These and other questions can be answered on their help pages. Open a chat with them and say "Order # xxxx was due xx/xx/xxxx, but has not yet arrived. The shipper is now estimating the due date as xx/xx/xxxx . Would you please issue me a prime extension for the missed guarantee? Thanks so much." Takes about 5 minutes and "earns" me a tax-free $8.25 off of a bill I would otherwise pay.


Facebook To Autoplay Videos With Sound On By Default ( 116

Currently, Facebook videos autoplay on your News Feed as you scroll up and down. While they eat data and various resources, the saving grace is that they are silent -- that is, until now. Facebook has announced several new changes to its video platform today, including a setting that will autoplay videos with sound turned on by default. Android and Me reports: The audio of videos will fade in and out as you're scrolling through your feed. Fortunately, Facebook will at least make it so that audio won't autoplay if your phone is set to silent. If you're not a fan of this change, there will be a setting to turn audio autoplay off. The change is that it will now be on by default for everyone. Other feature introductions are larger previews for vertical videos, a picture-in-picture mode for videos so you can watch and continue scrolling (and even exit the app without interrupting the video on Android), and a Facebook Video app coming to smart TVs.

Comment Zoning and Building Departments (Score 1) 8

You might instead consider an addition on your house with a decently solid door. The important part is that you not combine it with any other space (e.g. don't make it a "man cave"). In part, this helps with the taxation aspects, but more significantly, it helps you keep it feeling like "work" and not "home". The kids will eventually learn that when the door is shut, they are not to enter or knock unless it truly is an emergency. My buddy did this above his garage. The door just happens to be off his master bedroom, so he can shut two doors between himself and family. His master bath is easily accessible without being accosted in the hall. I don't even get that separation by going to the corporate office. How cool is that?

Comment Re:Basic small-government argument. (Score 3, Interesting) 357

There is also a requirement that the driver hold a valid operator's permit. Since the car is "driving", it seems like the car would need one. Carrying the analogy further, today I would think that the car basically would have its "temps". I can understand how Uber may have gotten the car to pass the maneuverability portion of the test, but I do struggle to understand how it would pass the written portion.

Comment Identity vs reputation (Score 1) 241

I don't see how this solves the concern. Identity and reputation are two different things. Cecil Adams may or may not be a real person, but still one tends to trust him to tell the truth. Trump, on the other hand is clearly a real person, but many more people would question his reputation for spreading only verifiable truth.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 234

I used Keepass for about 5 years. I finally switched a week ago. The driving factor for switching was its better ability to auto-fill, especially on Android (Nougat) and MSIE (required for a few of our company apps). Lastpass's better features:
  1. Lastpass android app fills in passwords; keepassdroid requires copy/paste or switching to the Keepass keyboard momentarily.
  2. Lastpass auto-fills Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Edge. Keepass only does Chrome and Firefox.
  3. Lastapp auto-fills windows applications, not just web browsers.
  4. Lastpass does its own sync. Keypass requires the use of something similar to One Drive, which required manually fixing occasional replication conflicts..

Keepass's better features:

  1. Keeagent stored my ssh identity in my vault and made it automatically available to putty when I unlocked my vault.
  2. Lastpass does not deal well with the fact that some, but not all of the servers in my own company share common credentials. I end up storing my AD credentials in a dozen entries in lastpass. Keepass's field references worked better.

Keepass is much more "do it yourself", Lastpass takes most of the hassle away at a cost of $12/year for some features.

Comment Re:Resiliency in the face of malicious inputs (Score 1) 367

what's to stop me and 4 friends from jumping out in front of the cars just to laugh as it crashes itself to "save" us.

This example is one of "malicious behavior", which is an issue for the courts. With any luck the "Just for laughs" comment would reach the judge.

It is not an example of malicious input. The car correctly sensed a risk to human life/health and correctly identified the best alternative to maintain its"prime directive". The vehicle's decision would have been exactly correct (presuming there were no better alternatives, such as stopping). An example of "malformed/malicious input" would be when the side of a truck gets confused for an overhead sign,

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