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Comment Re:Another spam ad (Score 1, Informative) 84

I am not a shill and I have a Tap because a friend of my had an Echo and I loved it, mostly b/c I use Prime Music a ton and my young kids can easily interact w/the device to play what they want. Several of my friends have purchased the devices after using mine.

I mean, popular? No, not nearly as much as Amazon may like you to believe; however, they are pretty great devices for what they are and I think the recognition software is world's better than Siri (which, IMO, is completely and utterly useless and I never use on my Mac or phone).

By all means, be skeptical, however it doesn't mean they're not being used by people and they're not any good.

Comment So lemme get this straight, Barack (Score 1) 531

You want to preserve democratic freedoms by censoring fake news? Wouldn't that be like... taking away the most important democratic freedom of them all, free speech?

Because sooner or later, the entity tasked with determining what's fake and what's not could fall into people currently not on your side.

Solution to fake news is to have people ignore obviously stupid shit. The more intelligent ones already do so. If stupid people wanna keep reading stupid shit, well then by golly that's the god-given right.

Comment Re:Understandable, but foolish (Score 1) 386

So odds are you just wake up a social pariah, with no skills, in an alien social order with no friends and family.

Are you talking about you, or the girl? The girl obviously wants to live, even with complete strangers of the future. If you don't want to live in the future, be my guest. But don't assume everyone thinks the same as you.

I mean, I think the whole thing is stupid, but only because I know it will never work (resurrecting a dead frozen body in which every cell had burst etc). But if some magical tech came out that guaranteed cryo freeze survival, I might actually volunteer myself to be frozen just so I can live in the future and finally see flying cars.

Comment Moving to another star? (Score 2) 522

In the span of 1000 years, I can certainly see humans being able to travel and inhabit other nearby planets but do we really think we'll be at a point where we can move large groups of humans >25 trillion miles away? Or does he see this more as we'll be putting civilization into space for centuries-long travel toward those other systems?

Comment Re:In a sane job market, (Score 1) 161

I agree with you to an extent. But UBI and open borders do not mix well. At all.

The one country on earth currently rich enough and organizationally sane enough to make a success of UBI, Switzerland, just voted it down... even though majority of the people polled agreed with the concept. Reason for voting no? They felt that UBI would make Switzerland a magnet for immigrants from poorer countries.

Comment In a sane job market, (Score 3, Insightful) 161

workers forced into this type of a situation by management would say "F___ you" and walk out. Maybe get a job in manufacturing.

Except we don't have a sane job market, manufacturing jobs have been decimated in the name of profit (management calls it "globalism" and "free trade"). Other manual jobs are equally hard to come by, due to the large scale importation of low-cost laborers (management calls it "open borders" and "dreamers").

Let's be honest here, sales associates at Office Depot or Wells Fargo aren't exactly MIT material. They can't retrain and become doctors or aerospace engineers. Manufacturing used to be one place where non-rocket scientists could go and make a decent living, and now that''s gone.

Comment Re:You never "Grokked" it (Score 1) 227

Stranger in a Strange Land is well written, worth reading, but ultimately a strawman to support a bunch of cultural values that turned out to be worthless and not sustainable, and to me because he had to create such an extreme earth-based society to contrast and define his own cultural beliefs

Exactly my point. You were unable to enjoy it because of moral/philosophical objections.

For me it helped that I had read other books by Heinlein before I got to Stranger in a Strange Land, so I was already familiar with his political leanings and his views on life. Believe me, Heinlein is very far from a 60's counter-culture hippie. Read Starship Troopers if you want an insight into his political views.

While reading "Stranger", I was not threatened by its moral implications and I did not at any point believe that this was a realistic scenario or something that the author wanted to impose on society. So I was able to suspend disbelief and just go along for the strange (yet wonderful) ride.

makes ultimately a weak piece of literature as it's fundamental argument isn't based in anything real

I would agree that "Stranger" is not great literature as most people define it. However it is great *science fiction*. It's entertaining, highly original, and a very interesting exploration of "what if?"

Comment You never "Grokked" it (Score 2) 227

because you mentally turned yourself off after seeing moral/philosophical points that you disagree with. It's okay, this happens.

I know some people who are quite intelligent and big SF fans who never got why Dune is so popular. Precisely for the same reason.

Personally, I hated the movie District 9. I thought it was very shallow, just a not-so-subtle vehicle for the writer/director to push his leftist views. Super intelligent alien beings that have interstellar spaceships and artificial gravity, and yet act like idiots? Really? Aside from their high-tech stuff, their behavior is exactly like that of prison inmates with an IQ of around 80. Ruins the story for me, the whole time I was watching it I was thinking, "Why don't these aliens just do _____?"

However in retrospect, it is possible that District 9 is not entirely worthless, it may contain some good parts that I overlooked due to my disagreement with the parts that were stupid.

Stranger in a Strange Land on the other hand is a masterpiece -- a towering achievement that stands out even among the greats of science fiction -- because it's so original.

Comment Re:That's going to go well (Score 3, Insightful) 173

The association seeks immigration reform to support more high-skilled workers staying in the United States.

Google and Facebook want more H1B visas, not a big surprise.

What's surprising is that they have the gall to ask Trump to give it to them, after donating millions to Clinton. Weren't Eric Schmidt and Sheryl Sandberg basically a part of the Clinton campaign?

Comment Re:Assange is neither wanted nor indicted by the U (Score 1) 445

A president can pardon someone, even if currently no charges have been filed. For example, Ford pardoned Nixon for any and all actions he undertook as President.

Trump can easily pardon Assange from any prosecution by the U.S. gov't for all actions committed by Assange between 1972 to 2016.

That would no effect on whatever Sweden wants Assange for. However keep in mind that Assange only went into hiding at Ecuadorian embassy because he feared Sweden would extradite him to the USA and that he'd end up being tortured at Guantanamo. With a Trump pardon, Assange could (and should) go to Sweden to defend himself against Swedish charges. I hear Swedish prisons are actually really decent places, as far as prisons go. And their justice system pretty fair.

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