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Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 5, Interesting) 644

Clinton is the most owned presidential candidate in history.

She is not only owned by wall street firms and big corporations, she is owned by foreign powers who "donated" money to the Clinton "Foundation". And the funniest part is, she may even be owned by Vladimir Putin!

Right now Putin and Trump are in a love-fest because Trump (having fascistic tendencies) expressed admiration for Putin. But if sometime before the election Putin does a U-turn and starts bashing Trump and says nice things about Clinton, you know something really strange is going on. Like, Russian intelligence got a full dump of the Clinton email server and found some pretty seedy stuff and want her to become president so they can blackmail her into signing treaties favorable to Russia.

Comment Re:Sounds like bullshit (Score 1) 210

The $200,000 claim is likely utterly false, unless he was taking bribes to let shit code get through.

Why do you think someone can't save up $200k over a 6-year period on a $95k per year salary? All he'd have to do is sock away half his take-home pay.

There have been stretches in my life where I've saved half (or more) of my after-tax income. Not hard to do if you're single and you live frugally.

Your other points I agree with, however.

Comment Re:Fly me to the mars (Score 1) 103

you only need big-ass boosters to blast yourself off the ground and into orbit. Once in orbit you can use little thrusters, no problem. Time is not your enemy anymore, even small acceleration will get you anywhere in the solar system. Assuming of course that you can keep the small acceleration going for a long time (which would require large amounts of fuel)

Comment Re:So what? (Score 5, Interesting) 357

Because it's well understood that the stories reported by Fox News and NBC News are whatever Fox and NBC deem newsworthy. They don't pretend that the stories they've picked are "Trending" or "Shared" amongst regular users.

Basically they're being dishonest. If Facebook wants to push its political viewpoint then they should just come right out and say so. Don't pretend it's all done by an algorithm based on only popularity.

Comment I've said this over and over again (Score 1, Insightful) 688

Sanders and Trump are the only ones actually listening to the American public. That's why these two are the only candidates getting huge crowds and generating big enthusiasm.

Unlimited free trade and open borders helps some Americans (stockholders and business owners) while hurting others (blue collar workers and offshorable white collar workers). As you can guess, the latter category is much larger than the former. Unfortunately those in power (doesn't matter which party) work exclusively for the benefit of the former and does not give a rat's ass about the latter.

I am praying, pleading with everyone. PLEASE vote for Bernie (if you're a Dem) or Trump (if you're an R).

Comment Re:4 legs look not very stable. Why not 6 - 8 legs (Score 1) 118

more legs = more weight and more motors and things to go wrong.

Jet aircraft only have 3 legs even though if any one of them fails to open, it's in serious trouble. Why not 8 legs? Weight, man.

Aircraft builders have solved this problem by making the 3 legs very reliable. They very rarely fail to open. SpaceX just needs better legs.

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