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Comment Re:Apple is the Trump Towers of computing. (Score 1) 214

What would it actually cost to produce a MacBook in the USA? My guess is that it'll be more expensive, but not by a factor 4. And in case of iPhones, which are sold at 3x the cost of manufacturing, I bet they could sell them at only a slightly higher price if they *gasp* would accept a lower markup.

Accepting a lower markup (meaning, less profits) just for the "Made in USA" sticker is dumb. No sane businessman would do it.

I am not devoid of patriotism or empathy for domestic workers. But if I were making a product in China and decided to bring it back to USA, i would simply raise the price and pass the increased cost to the customer, keeping my profit margin the same. Of course this only works if your product is still desirable at that price and the cost difference isn't huge.

I remember an article a few years back from a business site (Bloomberg or Forbes or some such). They did an analysis of the iPhone 5 (I think) and how much more it would cost to make it in USA while keeping the same margins. It was something like $30 to $55 per phone. So the iPhone which was selling for $700 at the time would cost $730 to $755 if made in USA.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 422

Flip the situation around and see what your response is. Would you be okay with it if Facebook and Google were pushing hard for a (R) candidate in a close election?

And by the way it could very easily have turned out this way. If Bernie won the Dem nomination, and Jeb won the Repub side, the mantle of populism (anti free trade, anti H1B visa, protecting domestic workers) would've been taken up by the Democrats. Globalism, TPP, pro Wall Street/corporate welfare would've been the Republican platform under Bush.

Comment Re: Because (Score 1) 425

If you are being attacked, its too late.

Depends on what you mean by being attacked. If the bad guy is pointing a gun at your head already then yeah it's too late. But usually you have some time to react in a home invasion robbery, if your house is not completely insecure.

If its not too late, you should run, or hide behind something first.

What, run where? You're upstairs in your bedroom, and you hear the sound of breaking glass downstairs and someone forcing the patio door open. You run? Jump out the window? Leave the kids in their bedroom and just take off running?

If you hear gun shots in the distance and go investigate with your gun out

I personally don't know anyone who is so mentally retarded that they would do that. If you hear gunshots in the distance, as in not on or near your house, you absolutely do not run out into the street looking to "investigate". Leave that to the cops. You lock your doors and windows, and if you have a gun you get it ready just in case. In any event you dial 911.

If its for protecting your house, a finger print reader is better than locking up your guns from children if you lack the time to unlock them in an emergency.

My iphone has one of the best fingerprint readers on the market, according to smartphone reviews. And it's not even close to being reliable enough. It's pretty much useless when my hands are sweaty. And in a life and death situation there's a pretty good chance my hands are gonna start sweating.

Comment Re:In all honesty... (Score 5, Insightful) 242

I've really not been impressed by all of the Hillary-bashing Wikileaks has been doing lately

So you only like the truth leaked when it's about people you don't like? If there's damning evidence that's being hidden about people you agree with, you would want it hidden?

they're not saying a damned thing about Trump. And it's pretty fucking unlikely they don't have anything on Trump.

Trump was not a gov't official so there isn't gonna be any classified material to reveal about him. He had a real estate business and a TV show. There's plenty of dirt on Trump, like the recording of him talking about groping pussies and such, but revealing those do not require whistleblower protection or the assistance of Wikileaks. You can just take that straight to Extra or CNN.

Dirt about Hillary's doings while a high ranking gov't official is not so safe to reveal. If you get caught leaking it you go to jail. That's where wikileaks comes in.

Comment Re:Phone (Score 4, Insightful) 242

Or maybe not support the candidate that wants to stop all trade with Latin countries and calls all Latinos bad hombres.

Actual quote is "some bad hombres". Not "all". I know you believe your cause is just and the other side is evil and therefore it's okay to lie or fudge things here and there, but to neutral observers it makes whatever you say less credible.

Comment Re:Can we flip the GOP ticket? (Score 0) 157

Now if we could only put Pence against Clinton and see if she could stand up to a real candidate's fire on the debate stage.

Clinton is smart and a *highly* experienced policy wonk. She's been living and breathing politics her entire adult life, 40+ years. I suspect she will do quite well or at least decently.

Remember back during the Dem primaries, when Bernie supporters were mad because Wasserman-Schultz and other party officials conspired to keep the number of debates as low as possible, and schedule the few debates they did have in really bad timeslots (like up against major sporting events) where nobody was gonna watch it? Conventional wisdom at the time was that since Hillary has a big lead, debates could only hurt her and that's the reason the Dem power brokers purposely avoided putting on many debates.

But actually during the few debates they did hold, Hillary wiped the floor with Bernie. She did not do badly at all, in fact it turns out she's quite good at it. So why keep hiding Hillary? Even some loyal Democrats were upset because the Republicans with their 11~ debates were getting huge ratings and basically free advertisement time for bashing Dems and selling the public on the (R) party platform, while the (D) debates were so few (~3 if i recall correctly) and in bad timeslots with low viewership.

Well we know now, the reason they kept hiding Hillary is because she has major health problems, most likely a neurological issue. All public appearances by her are tightly controlled by Hillary's people, and the few they can't control (like the debates or uncontrolled press conferences) they keep it down to an absolute minimum while her medical team pumps her full of Levodopa or whatever else drugs she needs to keep up a normal appearance.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, really. I believe 9-11 was caused by hijacked airplanes hitting the buildings and I believe Oswald killed Kennedy alone. But what really convinced me of Hill's neurological problem (most likely Parkinson's) are the 2 videos (publicly still available btw). One, during a fundraiser when she's speaking and then she freezes with a blank smile on her face. Her handler (the big black SS agent guy) quickly runs up to her, rubs her back and reassuringly says "It's okay, it's okay, keep talking". And a few seconds later she says "Okay, okay, we'll keep talking". This is extremely weird to the Nth degree. Why does Hillary, master of policy and Yale law graduate, need a bodyguard to reassure her everything's ok and that she should keep talking?

The other video is during an outdoor press conference, two reporters accidentally ask her a question simultaneously in an excited tone of voice. She jerks her head back, blinks furiously and then does a head spasm for about 4 seconds, then recovers and says "You gotta try the iced Chai!" This video got a lot more attention, but was dismissed by most of the media as Hillary just joking around. Really? When you drink something cold, do you jerk your head back then bob your head up and down furiously? I actually went through the motion and tried to imitate Hillary's movements as closely as possible. It is VERY unnatural. It's actually quite hard to do and it strains your neck. I have never made such a series of motions with my head/neck in my life and I doubt anyone with no neurological problems has either.

Comment Re:When did "The Matrix" become a religion? (Score 1) 1042

If the block in a game of Pong became sentient... There would be no information in these rules of physics that would allow the Pong block to determine

If this universe really is a simulation, then we are the player(s).

Imagine if you're playing a role-playing computer game, and to make it as fun as possible you suspend all thoughts or memories outside of the game while playing it. (no thinking about the job or the wife, you ARE Ragnor the barbarian with 35 STR and 16 DEX).

Perhaps there is a one-to-one ratio and there are 7 billion sentient player-entities from outside this universe. But this does not seem likely since new humans are being born all the time and they would have to bring a new player-entity every time a baby is born. It's more likely that one player-entity is playing multiple humans, but purposely forgetting about all the other characters he has while he's on that char.

Comment Re:Competition.... (Score 5, Insightful) 89

They are not a competition for SpaceX since SpaceX does not do suborbital flights.

Blue Origin's actual competition is Virgin Galactic, which is also trying to get paying passengers on 15-minute suborbital flights.

The difference between a suborbital and an orbital flight is like the difference between a Schwinn bicycle and a Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Comment Re:?No comprendo? (Score 2) 266

Nice anecdote grandpa. Since your time, we invented this idea of "statistics" and "collecting data". Fact is, more than 6,000 kids died in the eight years before lawn darts were banned. Now, is it worth banning just to save 763 lives a year? That's a judgement call. But it's not "this activity is perfectly safe, overreaching 'crats." Fun sidenote, apparently the most common cause of injury wasn't among the contestants, but because someone overthrew it into someone else's yard.

Well I'm 44 now... imma assume you're 24 and everything going on today looks normal and peachy to you. But in 20 years when you're my age you're gonna look around in disgust and say "WTF happened, things used to be so much better when I was young"

Comment Re:?No comprendo? (Score 0) 266

because, "abundance of caution".

I have never heard that phrase until fairly recently. Now every time something out of ordinary happens, there's a wild overreaction and statement from pussified officials saying "out of an abundance of caution".

Not sure if it's because females have been more power (females tend to be more safety-oriented and risk-averse). Maybe not, maybe all this cowering in fear and craving for safety would've happened regardless of femlib and is just a sign of general decline in a society.

I don't feel all that old, but lemme tell ya... when I was a kid nobody wore bicycle helmets. None of my friends died in bicycle accidents and none of us died from lawn darts either.

Comment Re: Ionic Breeze Quadra Mark 2? (Score 1) 166

Not revisionist history, honest. I would've happily written "Bush" instead of "Clinton" had I known that Clinton was not the first president to give China MFN status. In fact, I would've preferred writing "Bush" because it would've gotten my point across better.

(any time I say anything negative about Clinton, liberals start foaming at the mouth and all rational discussion ceases)

Bush and Clinton do pretty much the same things, for the most part. Both take money from corporations and do their bidding. Different sides of the same coin.

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