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Comment Re:Raising your neighbor's taxes (Score 1) 354

The legislators of Massachusetts have voted themselves raises twice in the last year. They're getting about $200,000 a year now. That shouldn't be and need not be. Just cross the border into New Hampshire where legislators are paid $100 a year.

The thing no rational person wants is a Massachusetts legislator.

Comment Re:Well done, capitalists. (Score 1) 354

Advocates of government (particularly big government) claim that government provides for the needs of the people. Robots don't have needs in the same way people do. Those tax dollars being lost by a human stopping working are tax dollars that aren't needed to provide to that human who will presumably go someplace he's wanted.

In any case, the alleged problem is just a house of cards. Take away the idea of government providing things for people and the whole silly structure collapses.

Comment Re:You do realize many jobs have no meaning (Score 1) 354

A full time job is 40 hours a week. That leaves 128 hours a week for people "to enjoy their lives outside work." We've already passed the point of diminishing returns; many people are willing to work a few additional hours in order to gain the advantages that more money brings.

For people who don't have to tend to their children every day, larger blocks of free time are useful. A work week of four 10-hour days or three 13-1/3 hour days wastes less time in commuting and provides larger blocks of time for major activities.

Comment Re:Modern money theory (Score 1) 354

You sure have the clueless part right.

First, how is this law going to be enforced? A robot can be scaled to do any portion of a human's job, or the jobs of multiple people. See that thing that looks like a washing machine with paper slots - that's our engineering department. That thing that looks like a pizza oven is our production line. Government inspectors will be unable to determine how many people a robot replaces, or even if a particular machine is even a robot. If the government decides just to count the change in the number of warm bodies, the company will shut down and form 2 new companies. The first will be just the CEO. The other will be just robots, located in a place that doesn't tax robots and with all maintenance and ancillary functions outsourced.

Second, what's a robot? Machines will be designed to skirt any legal definition of a robot.

Third, the economics changes. Robots will cut costs, and if a manufacturer doesn't cut selling prices to match then competition will pop up to undercut that manufacturer. There won't be new profits to tax.

In his glee at having found a new way to oppress people, Gates hasn't thought through the obvious flaws in his nefarious scheme.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 353

... the current buffoon in the white house has already destroyed any foreign policy cred he may have had. Russia and China know that the US is now just a paper tiger, and that sort of weakness will embolden them to the point where the only response will have to be a nuclear one.

The previous administration was a paper tampon, weakening the country, attempting to make friends with those who would kill us, and alienating our best allies such as Israel and Great Britain. Trump is taking steps to re-bond to our allies, strengthen our military, and identify and oppose our enemies.

Comment Re:Why not go the whole nine yards? (Score 1) 160

Because sled dogs aren't good for heavy loads. Because environmentalists don't want you hunting polar bears.

More seriously, a wide ranging ability to edit genes is one of the most powerful advances for humanity, ever. Although it ranks below the level of language, it is on the level of fuel-powered engines.

This sort of experimentation on humans would be widely decried. To safely make major genetic changes to a human, first requires the sort of experiments that make a wooly mammoth.

Comment Re:Energy Drinks (Score 1) 84

My memory is hazy on this point, but IIRC it's the niacinamide form of B3 that is a risk for liver damage (in large doses, over time.) Niacin causes skin flushing (feels like a sunburn) in large doses, which tends to discourage overuse - but flushing varies a lot by individual. The RDA is below 20 mg / day, and most adults can easily take 10 times more.

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