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Journal Journal: new job

well... i'm a high school teacher now. be afraid. be very afraid. information technology. comptia certifications. this is fun
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Journal Journal: Random

Hmmmm. It's been a while since I journalized. Recently I've been keeping myself entertained by noticing sigs. They are oh so often funnier than any of the comments.
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Journal Journal: the fire is apparently still burning

There are some very articulate and thoughtful idiots that really seem to love /. it's a shame that more of them are actually READING the threads and articles.....
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Journal Journal: I sit aflame.

I sit this moment aflame. Okay so I am a fan of policing email accounts (the free web types) of paedophiles suspected of crimes like molestation or kiddy porn. /.ers seem to be a knee-jerking group of folks. Naively beliving that there should be no police investigative powers for suspected criminals. I'm a dad. I'm NOT saying or will EVER say that government should have unlimited access to everyone. I protect my own privacy for crying out loud. But I do believe in catching bad guys. If a guy is suspected of molesting kids then I do want the police to be able to catch him. Call me crazy.....

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