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Comment Oh, BASIC, you horribly flawed, wonderful thing. (Score 1) 629

I had a TRS80 Model I, too! My first program was written in BASIC on a TRS-80 Model I, but I ultimately learned to program in BASIC on the Tandy CoCo 2, using the Color BASIC and Extended Color BASIC books.

In retrospect, it was a somewhat harrowing way to write any kind of code. We didn't have IDEs. We typed our lines of code straight into the command line, and if we wanted to read the lines we had already written, we had to dump the range we wanted to see to the screen. There was nothing like code completion. We didn't have anywhere to look things up except for whatever books we had on hand. There wasn't any Google, or StackOverflow, or anything like that. Nobody else knew how to program, so there was nobody to ask for help. There weren't any standard libraries for anything... anything at all. My programs had to be saved on cassette tapes. You had to really want to program, but it was such a power trip!

In my teens, I learned my second language, Pascal.

(I went on to use 18 other languages, after that!)

GNU is Not Unix

Richard Stallman Interviewed By Bryan Lunduke (youtube.com) 169

Many Slashdot readers know Bryan Lunduke as the creator of the humorous "Linux Sucks" presentations at the annual Southern California Linux Exposition. He's now also a member of the OpenSUSE project board and an all-around open source guy. (In September, he released every one of his books, videos and comics under a Creative Commons license, while his Patreon page offers a tip jar and premiums for monthly patrons). But now he's also got a new "daily computing/nerd show" on YouTube, and last week -- using nothing but free software -- he interviewed the 64-year-old founder of the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman. "We talk about everything from the W3C's stance on DRM to opinions on the movie Galaxy Quest," Lunduke explains in the show's notes.

Click through to read some of the highlights.

Comment Re:Goes to the heart of capitalism (Score 1) 266

Not if both parties agree and he waives his parental rights to her and she accepts them.

this is a horrible metaphor

That doesn't actually happen. The government doesn't like getting stuck paying for your mistake.

You have to have a step-father officially submit adoption paperwork, so someone else takes the responsibility. Until then, the father is still on the hook until they're emancipated.

Comment One up side (Score 5, Funny) 327

There is one real up side to this. Microsoft as you know only puts out small, efficient updates in the minimal needed package sizes. This should be great comfort to users on metered connections, they are only being lovingly graced with the minimum needed amount of bytes. Can you imagine if Microsoft was one of those companies that pushed out near-daily 100+MB behemoths to update a spelling error in notepad's FAQ? Luckily they don't do this, and we all win!


Note: Yes this is sarcasm. If you didn't get that by the 19th word, go play with some tiles.

Comment Re:Why the Spectrum? (Score 1) 42

I believe that the Spectrum hardware was very similar to the ZX81, with the (rather horrible) colour support and more RAM the only big differences. I say this because, decades later, someone managed to port the Spectrum ROM image to the ZX81, giving compatibility with at least some Spectrum software: https://groups.google.com/foru...

Comment Re: Read the response... (Score 1) 244

I'm sorry, but they don't.

Footlong Oven Roasted Chicken = 6.75. This is big enough for two meals.

Chick Fil A Grilled chicken Sandwich only - $4.25. This uses real meat, but you'd need to buy two to last you the two meals the sub lasts you, so $8.50.

So no, you're not paying more. The sub will fill you up exactly the same for 20% less cash. You also get vastly more veggie options than "just" lettuce tomato abd pickles.

Also, people complain about "no flavor," but that's why they have a dozen different sauces.

Comment XML external entities (Score 1) 18

I think it's a flaw in some XML or XSLT libraries that DTD expansion and external entity resolution is either on by default, or in some cases, cannot be turned off. It also opens up attack vectors for XML injection using xsl:include, where if an attacker can provide the XSLT he can also read arbitrary file contents. It would make more sense for the default XML mode to not allow fetching any external content, and you have to set a 'trusted' flag in the API to turn on the magic.

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