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Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 480

I pretty much stick to several generations-old thinkpads with good success just in case. And I get to miss most of the depreciation value. FWIW, Thinkpad X200s with the higher rez screen is my sweet point (max out the RAM, add SSD), but I can see jumping to an x220 with an i7 and IPS in the next few months.

Comment Re:Nobody knows yet (Score 1) 165

Maybe, but damage is already done. It is very difficult to now, in post-plebiscite UK to recruit young engineers from the rest of the EU. Most ones I have talked with are trying to go to Berlin instead of London these days. This really changed over-night, and it doesn't really matter what Kahn says, London already lost its appeal for most other EU citizens.

Comment Re:Nobody knows yet (Score 2) 165

it is very easy, freedom of movement is fundamental for the tech companies which relies on recruiting labour from the whole continent. This is unlikely to be possible without having to go through a lot of red tape.

Last time we recruited from outside the EU, the red tape took close to 6 months to go through.

Comment Nobody knows yet (Score 3, Informative) 165

While Brexit means London soon won't have access to the EU's open market across the continent,

Nobody knows yet whether this will turn out to be true. The negotiators may be able to cook up some deal that keeps the UK within the single market but outside the European Union (broadly as happens for Norway). On the other hand, a complete break is also a possibility.

Comment Re:Can't buy popular support (Score 1) 459

Furthermore, this isn't a direct donation to Hillary, but spread out amongst many different democrat backing organizations. Hillary isn't the only democrat running for office this November and the Dems could be in prime shape to retake the House and the Senate if people don't just assume it's all sewed up already.

Comment Adobe who? (Score 3, Interesting) 153

Given their attitude, horrific user 'support', painful and extortionist pricing, repeatedly screwing over of entire platforms, and other customer indignities, I am Beyond caring about them. The world has moved on, no one cares about this dying platform any more.

While I was slightly interested in new updates, the fact that they removed the two features that would be useful to me on the builds I need shattered that faint hope. I should have known better than to expect functionality much less quality from Adobe. All this seems to be is that someone figured out it was less work, and therefore cheaper, to keep up with Linux builds than to update a years old code base that no one remembers how to patch. It isn't largesse, it is CYA on security

I would say I told you so, but when they announced a pullback on platforms ~4-5 years ago I did tell them so. All my friends there laughed and said I didn't have a clue. Within six months they had all quit. Within 2 years, Flash was walking dead, everyone with a stake in the market had solidified the alternatives and it was just a matter of time. Now they are trying to spin cost savings as a step in the right direction. The corpse is rotting but still managing to do PR, let it die the lonely death it deservers. Nothing to see here, move along.

Comment Re:No, they don't need to focus (Score 1) 84

You'd think that SpaceX would also carry insurance to protect the customers' payloads. I mean, all sorts of shit can happen before launch; massive hurricane damaging the facilities/launcher/rocket itself, tsunami, earthquake, Bubba driving a forklift into the goddamned thing (i.e. human error), cable/chains breaking while lifting the satellite for mounting, etc etc.

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