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Comment Re:No headphone jack ... (Score 2) 205

Using the USB C spec does not necessarily push the idea of more expensive alternatives. Using USB C is less "evil" than Apple pushing the lightning connector because USB C includes [the possibility of] an analog audio signal without the need for an external DAC. This means that all that is required to use analog headphones is a USB C to 3.5mm adapter. This would not even fully be considered a "dongle" because it does not require any fancy electronics for functionality. In Host Audio Adapter mode, pins SBU1 and SBU2 directly carry an analog signal.

Comment Leading to a conviction... (Score 2) 165

I know criminals are not supposed to be that smart, but if you read between the lines here, nobody is getting any money for information. It could take 1-2 years to convict someone of this theft. By the time someone is convicted, Razor will conveniently forget about any reward money.

Offer a reward leading to an arrest.

Comment Re:Linux ISO discs... (Score 1) 385

If you are booting to a BIOS system, I have found I can just dd the ISO to the USB stick after running the ISO through isohybrid. It is not always required, but it almost guarantees compatibility.

On EFI systems, you can just format the USB stick as fat32/vfat and just copy the files to the USB stick.

Comment Re:We're All Dying (Score 1) 515

Sometimes listening to the users has limited value. Say what you will about Microsoft, but [historically] their desktop products have been rock solid and very usable. Right up until Window 8.

Windows 8 is where Microsoft started "listening" to users. Deciding that changing Windows to function how they thought the masses preferred to operate was the better way.

Windows 10 is a hot mess of usability and is likely the reason Linux is making gains in desktop users.

Comment This is a crazy strategy, but good (Score 1) 264

This would have been candidacy suicide to have said something like this in past elections, but with the shit show that has been the 2016 election... it almost sounds sane.

Of course, Johnson is not going to be elected, that is not the point. Even if this is a lie, it is the best lie have been told for this entire election.

Comment Not a big deal (Score 1) 76

I am surprised to see this on Slashdot, but this bit me. VM under VMWare fusion would not boot so I spent about 15 minutes on it and eventually booted under a previous kernel.

Normally, I do not reboot my Linux machines after every kernel update, but this was my desktop and I just want to get rid of the reboot notifications.

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