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Comment Re:Every Antivirus has done this. (Score 2) 67

In the era of Microsoft's own AV, there is no need for a third-party AV installed on Windows.

Not according to Microsoft. They say that Defender is intended as a fallback to provide some level of protection when no other antivirus is installed. It is not intended to provide full anti-malware protection.

Comment How about posting the votes? (Score 1) 547

It pisses me off that they almost never publish the number of the bill or how our representatives voted. The House Bill was #230. The Senate bill voted on last week was #34. Here are the votes:

House Bill 230
Democrats Not Voting: David Scott (GA), Bobby Rush (IL), David Price (NC), Louise Slaughter (NY)
Democrats Voting Yea: None
Democrats Voting Nay: All Others
Republicans Not Voting: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL), Thomas Rooney (FL), Michael “Mike” Simpson (ID), Robert Pittenger (NC), Tom Marino (PA)
Republicans Voting Nay: None
Republicans Voting Yea: All Others

Senate Bill S.J. Res. 34
Democrats Not Voting: None
Democrats Voting Yea: None
Democrats Voting Nay: All others
Republicans Not Voting: Isakson (GA), Paul (KY)
Republicans Voting Nay: All others
Independents Not Voting: None
Independents Voting Yea: None
Independents Voting Nay: King (ME), Sanders (VT)

Comment It's all about the maple syrup (Score 4, Funny) 632

It's basic economics. They created a whole system to limit the supply and drive up the cost of maple syrup. What happens when the price of maple syrup goes up? The price of rum has to go up as well. Of course when the price of rum goes up your neighbourhood drunk can't afford it any more, so he switches to beer. That drives up the price of beer so the college student's can't afford it any more. So what happens when the dorm isn't properly lubricated? Sober college students study, get to bed, wake up in the morning and make to their exams on time, without a decent hangover. Now you've got all those young people passing their courses and graduating from University. How do we remedy this? You could break up the maple monopoly but there's a quicker and simpler solution. Hand out free beer.

Comment Re:Let's compare Mike to Hillary (Score 2) 445

I'm not going to address the non-criminal points you make. Those are character issues. I will address the one issue that is a matter of law:

Did Mike share top secret information over his personal email?

The reason she was never prosecuted was quite simple. She didn't actually break the law. The fact is that as best the FBI could determine, Hillary Clinton didn't knowingly share any secret information. If that were not the case you can be quite sure they would have prosecuted her after Trump was sworn in.

Comment Re:Nope, nothing to see here (Score 2, Informative) 445

More specifically, the responsible person is the one who takes classified information out of a secure system. If for example, Hillary Clinton had received classified material and forwarded it that would not be illegal (unless she were aware of it's classification status). This is why she was not and could not be prosecuted. All the classified information found in her emails was received by her.

Comment Re:Same (Score 1) 1001

what really counts is being able to answer yes to the question "Would I want to spend 8 hours sitting next to this person on an airplane seat?"

That's not at the top of my requirements. They have to be professional but they don't have to be friendly. I don't need to personally like someone to work with them.

Comment Re:/. editors: why do you maintain this shit hole? (Score 2) 1149

I don't think Slashdot recognizes the damage they are doing to their brand by chasing the lowest common denominator. They keep publishing on the same provocative subjects. That drives a spike in readership but it pushes away people who are more sophisticated. Thoughtless people push up thoughtless comments. And Slashdot needs to start trimming their stories. Really, we don't need another story on autonomous vehicles. They also need to stop publishing stories on the weekend. The rating system just does not work without a certain mass of readers.

Comment Re:Consistency Alert (Score 1) 1430

The Founders felt so strongly that each state have an equal vote in the Senate independent of the population of the state that the ONLY thing that can't be amended in the Constitution with approval of ¾ of the states

Actually, the one thing all the founders agreed on was that the structure of the electoral college was not ideal, but acceptable. The southern states put forward the Virginia plan, which would have given representation based on population. Northern states put forward the New Jersey plan, which would have given the same number of representatives to each state regardless of population. They settled for the Connecticut Compromise which resulted in our bicameral legislature and the electoral college as it's formed today.

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 1430

It's kind of funny that you seem to think the rural states could survive today without the urban states. If Illinois and New York formed their own country while the other 48 states split off, the two state union might survive. The 48 state union would not. New York by itself could probably form a functioning city state. No modern country today can prosper without a strong financial center.

Comment Re:Electoral college does reflect the popular vote (Score 1) 1430

Hillary Clinton won 300 counties while Trump won 5000. If you think that the election of a nation should be swayed by a handful of cities while the rest of the nation is completely ignored, well, you're an idiot.

Those 300 counties represent 51 percent of the voters while the 5000 counties represent 49 percent. That handful of cities is the majority of Americans. So, on behalf of most American's let me just say, you're an idiot.

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