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Comment Re:Twist (Score 1) 252

Interestingly, this also means that a large chunk of the population believes that they're doing nothing wrong.

I'm not doing anything wrong. The law is wrong. Geo restrictions are wrong. DRM is wrong.

Someone is trying to convince me that watching a show on TV is OK, but watching it on my computer is not OK. Borrowing a book from the library or sharing a book with friends is "right" but reading and sharing a book on my computer is "wrong." I don't concur.

Comment Re:Disturbing. (Score 1) 98

While most people start thinking, "oh what a breath of fresh air, the government getting it right for once"

Interesting, becasue that's not what I was thinking at all. I was thinking "What astonishing hubris implicit in this debate that they assume they have the authority to access data that has been explicity access controlled by encryption." Apparently just because they are in government or law enforecement they assume they have this authority, when they actually do not. The only persons who can grant this access are the encryption key holders. So, no, I don't think they got it right by any means.

Comment Re:Symbolic (Score 1) 82

Two decades after the original artist's/etc demise would be fair.

I think seven years should be more than sufficient. It doesn't really matter now, though. They could extend copyright to 500 years for all I care; it's not going to affect the ability of a truly determined public from getting the entertainment they want.

As for the US government singling out the Pirate Bay for takedown, they wouldn't be the first government who has tried (and so far failed) to do so. I have to admire TPB folks. They've really built a resilient site.

Comment Re:Time to outlaw the IoT (Score 3, Insightful) 149

The "Internet of Things" was a stupid idea, so why not just ban it once and for all?

Overall, I think the idea is sound, although the lighting example you gave is a silly consequence of marketing gone awry.

A good example of IoT would be if your household appliances worked in concert with the Electric Company so power generation could match expected usage and the consumer could operate their devices when power was cheapest.

Unfortunately, the implementation of these devices so far has been horribly botched. Anything network-facing should be build with security in mind first, and functionality to follow. That's not what happens. Marketing sells features, not bugs, so what gets implemented is the bare minimum functionality that was sold, and security be damned.

Comment Re:Things to solve (Score 1) 253

If you could keep someone healthy to 150 and then just took them out in the streets and shot them that would be preferable to what we have now...

Try convincing that to the 150 year old guy. "OK, Charlie. We're just gonna tie you to a stake and put a bullet through your head. A small one, just to open it up a little bit. Maybe put some fire ants in there. Alright?"

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 588

I think compulsory voting would make room for a third party and avoid such obvious mistakes in the future.

I think if people can't be bothered to vote you don't want their vote. They clearly don't understand the importance of voting therefore likely ignorant of each candidate's policies and demonstrably incapable of making good decisions.

Comment Re:Mandate reporting when antibiotics are prescrib (Score 1) 75

...overprescribing of antibiotics by physicians, especially when a patient obviously has a virus for which an antibiotic is useless...

The reason antibiotics are prescribed in the case of viral disease is to prevent secondary infections. I'm not going to start second-guessing physicians who have extensive training in the matter.

I acquired a MRSA soft tissue infection several years ago while in my local hospital. It wasn't pleasant. Now that I'm on the "MRSA list", though, I always get a single room when I'm hospitalized, and that's pretty sweet.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

I've been on opiates after spine surgery, I can't stand them.

I really dislike most opiates - I just don't like how I they make me feel. There's one, I think it's Demerol, that I really enjoyed. I had some left over after my pain went away and started popping them for fun. That being said, I only got those once and mostly get morphine or percocets which suppresses breathing, which I dislike. Which leads me to:

...waking up suddenly from not having my autonomous breathing working which really scares the shit out of me...

That sounds a lot like sleep apnea, which is treatable, if it persists. It really sucks, I can sympathize. I have machine that breathes for me at night. It pumps air down my gullet with positive air pressure and keeps the airways open. I wouldn't want to sleep without it. Just letting you know, maybe it's news you can use.

Comment Re:Connectivity (Score 1) 559

English is not my native language, but isn't this wrong? Shouldn't it be 'connection' instead of 'connectivity'?

I don't think it's strictly wrong, but it is an unusual phrasing. The word "connectivity" is the state of being connected. The word "connection" means there is a relationship or association between two things or ideas. Either would work, but I agree with you the phrase "some connection" would have been clearer. I don't think he intended to be that clear as that would flatly contradict his previous assertions that climate change was a hoax.

You would do well not to try to learn English from what Mr. Trump says as that could backfire bigly.

Comment Re:Do you now realize why Trump won? (Score 2, Insightful) 600

I didn't vote on Nov. 8th, because I simply couldn't back a lobbyist like Clinton.

If you can't be bothered to vote then nobody gives a shit what you think. You chose to neglect your civic responsibility by not participating in the process. So shut the fuck up if you don't like the outcome. What you think doesn't matter.

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