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Comment Re:Not Quite Right (Score 1) 227

How do you expect YT to keep the lights on if everyone just consumes the content without watching ads (or paying for Red?).

I don't care. That's their problem, not mine.

Oh, I got it. YOU want to take the content without compensating, and leech of the people that do support the site.

That's right.

Brilliant plan! As long as there are suckers like me that pay for the content, you are golden.

Thanks for the compliment and keep up the good work.

Comment Re:No cronyist legal restrictions in retailing (Score 1) 467

If only we could get this kind of competitive pressure to occur in the healthcare market!

This seems as good a place as any to mention that Walmart pharmacy is an excellent place to buy prescription medications. In my local Walmart the pharmacists are friendly, knowledgable, sell the exact same product as other pharmacies only at much lower prices. What's not to like?

Comment Re:I question Wu's chances. . . . (Score 3, Insightful) 642

Wu's only real "in" here, is that Lynch is considered moderate.

Well, he's considered a moderate Democrat in Massachusetts, but as he once retorted "Calling me the least liberal member from Massachusetts is like calling me the slowest Kenyan in the Boston Marathon."

Wu, on the other hand, is batshit crazy. Her prospects of unseating Representative Lynch are less likely than a moon-colonizing company destroying the city of Boston with projectile moon rocks.

Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 1) 207

We already can watch them for free.

We're paying, it's just the money goes to the ISPs and VPN providers, rather than RIAA and MPAA. Had the entertainment industry groups the foresight to provide inexpensive, DRM-free content free from geo-restrictions and such nonsense, they would have made a lot more money. Instead, they decided to play hardball by suing their customers and locking down content making it difficult to obtain.

The situation today is a directy result of the short-sighted greedy tactics they chose to employ. As any cowboy will tell you "Screw with the bull, you get the horn."

Comment Re:Reverse logic (Score 5, Informative) 641

Speckman swerved to avoid another car going the wrong way down a one way street. I would not be so quick to put all the blame on her for driving drunk.

It doesn't work that way. In the eyes of the law and insurance companies, if you're in an automobile accident while driving impaired, you're at fault no matter the circumstances. This is why we don't drink and drive.

In this instance we have an inexperienced woman driver, high performance sports car and the driver's BAL was three times the limit. Perfect trifecta. I feel for the guy who got in the car with her.

Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 359

Except the summary and TFA specifically say they drove fewer miles.

They are counting the total distance covered by 96,000 trucks. I'm guessing their algorithm is solving a "travelling saleman" type problem where there are 96,000 salesmen and doing it better than human dispatchers can (or at least did in the past.)

Comment Re:And I'll never read TFS (Score 5, Insightful) 232

Or do you think you are somehow entitled to see their content?

Once upon a time the internet was a place to put information you wanted to share with other people. Not "I just want money. I don't give a shit about you. I gets my money maybe I'll give you little a trinket of content you stupid git."

Comment Re:Twist (Score 1) 257

Interestingly, this also means that a large chunk of the population believes that they're doing nothing wrong.

I'm not doing anything wrong. The law is wrong. Geo restrictions are wrong. DRM is wrong.

Someone is trying to convince me that watching a show on TV is OK, but watching it on my computer is not OK. Borrowing a book from the library or sharing a book with friends is "right" but reading and sharing a book on my computer is "wrong." I don't concur.

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