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Comment Having worked with both back in their heyday.... (Score 1) 135

... (I owned a C=64, worked on a TRS-80 Model III in High School), I have to say that the C=64 blows doors off the TRS-80 Model III. Sorry, but the music chip, color graphics, and all the other misc hacks that were produced for it (ICEPIC, scanning audio files through the tape drive, etc) were fantastic.

I do, however, have a place in my heart for the Model III,. My High School computer lab partner and I wrote a Monopoly game for it, complete with kiosk "graphics" (wrote out "Monopoly" in cursive, plus some other rudimentary graphics), choice of number of players, play the computer, and, of course, a cheat mode where you were presented with a menu of "1) Steal money from bank 2) Steal money from opponent 3) Move houses from your opponent onto your properties 4) Destruct game - (basically swiping the board off the table in a 3am drunken stupor when you're not winning)" and a few others I believe. We displayed 7 spaces at a time - 3 ahead of you and 3 behind, and indicators if you had houses, who owned it, etc. I learned quite a bit about programming from that project!

Comment Re:Why is nobody stating the obvious? (Score 1) 275

How did he have time to hang out next to the pool with the 9 hot babes, do mounds of MPDV, and plot his exit from the country when he was running such a big spy network?

And if any of this tirade is true, how did he get back into the USA....alive?

Occam has a big razor. The guy's nuts.

Comment Re:Copyright Misinformation (Score 3, Interesting) 110

...Oracle, on the other hand continues to be elusive and imprecise with their case....

This basically sums up my 20 years of experience with Oracle Salesmen.

The unspoken rule of thumb with Oracle sales is that there is no "list price" on anything. You price it for whatever you think you can sell it for.

This whole affair doesn't surprise me one bit that Oracle hired a team of lawyers that operate exactly like they do - get as much as you can get, and offer elusive and imprecise information during the negotiations.

Comment Re:Shame they don't have cabin video (Score 1) 307

Wow, briefly skimming over that whole PDF, it makes it sound like there were two nose dives, and neither triggered by the flight crew. Is Reuters sure about what they're reporting? The PDF describes a design flaw in the flight software, and the reasons for justifying that it is still there...

And those holes in the panels above the seats are classic. I bet that hurt a little.

Comment Something not mentioned.... (Score 5, Insightful) 213

Rackspace is a large constituent of Lamar Smith's District 21 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Texas.21st.Congressional.District.gif) as they are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Having this large of an employer in his own district against the legislation should be a big wake-up call to Rep. Smith.

Comment The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers (Score 4, Insightful) 386

I'm only half kidding here. Patent lawyers have replaced Personal Injury lawyers as the scum of the earth. The entire patent system needs to be re-vamped, legislation passed outlawing patent squatting and technology stifling. And a firing squad for the patent lawyers.

Comment A clamshell case? Seriously? (Score 1) 761

... and the feds didn't expect it to be discovered?

Sounds like the feds needs to hire a bunch of expert "hiders of things in plain sight" (Geocachers) to give them some advice on disguising these things a bit more. Honestly, I've spent hours looking for some caches only to discover they are literally in front of my face.

Comment Truly useful app (Score 1) 247

One of the truly useful apps on the market. Yes, I've needed a magnet detector. (Geocaching). I've needed to analyze ambient noise. I've needed a compass and GPS. I've needed to see what networks were around me. I even used the Solar page to see why my GPS wasn't working worth crap that day (solar flare).

Saving it out to an APK now onto my card just in case.

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