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Comment Re:Nokia phones (Score 1) 128

Nonsense! Nokia was nowhere near bankrupt at the time. By Q4 2010 they were consistently profitable and Symbian still led at ~32% market share. Yes, other phone makers had moved away from it, but Nokia's own sales were mostly untouched - iOS and Android had grown mostly by taking customers from Palm, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. And as Symbian was a more lightweight system, it would be easier to put it on low-cost devices. Expectations at the time were rather positive - if they could keep advancing Symbian and finally deliver MeeGo.

Elop's stint was an attempt at fixing things only the same sense as drinking poison is an attempt at quenching your thirst. It was a disaster in every way. The fact that he killed hopes for another MeeGo device after the extremely positive reception of the N9 shows clearly that he was there solely to advance Microsoft's interests, no matter that it harmed Nokia.

Comment Re:Nokia phones (Score 2) 128

No. That would imply he at least tried to act in favor of the company's interests with a modicum of competence.

Say, do you know the "Osborne effect" - when a company announces upcoming products too soon and kills demand for the current ones?

Also, do you know the "Ratner effect" - when a company's leadership publicly attacks its own products, ruining their reputation?

Put them together and you get the monstrosity of the "Elop effect".

That lunatic stated that the still immensely popular Symbian was not competitive, killing that cash cow overnight. What for? The WP-based devices meant to replace it were still several months away - and not only that, that system would have a reputation for lacking essential features for years. This means, all of a sudden the world's biggest cell phone maker had no viable smartphone to sell. The vacuum left by Nokia's suicide was promptly filled by Android devices. So you can see how Elop's leadership was immensely profitable... for Samsung!

A sane and honest person in his position at that moment would have praised and supported Symbian until its successor was ready. And by that I clearly mean MeeGo, not WP.

Comment Re:Chinese Tourist Photos (Score 1) 137

Those pictures make me think of this bit from Atlas Shrugged.

You, who claim that you long to rise above the crude concerns of the body, above the drudgery of serving mere physical needs—who is enslaved by physical needs: the Hindu who labors from sunrise to sunset at the shafts of a hand-plow for a bowl of rice, or the American who is driving a tractor? Who is the conqueror of physical reality: the man who sleeps on a bed of nails or the man who sleeps on an inner-spring mattress? Which is the monument to the triumph of the human spirit over matter: the germ-eaten hovels on the shorelines of the Ganges or the Atlantic skyline of New York?"

Comment Why is this a controversy at all? (Score 1) 248

This controversy is absurd to me. Then again, your whole election system is absurd. It is perplexing that you can't do this right, while Brazil does -- and hell knows we're not often the best example of doing anything right.

So, here's how we do it:

* Voting is mandatory from age 18 to 70. Miss it and you have to pay a small fine.
* The whole country votes at once: always a Sunday, from 8AM to 5PM. Early voting is not possible.
* Voters are assigned the polling place closest to their address, down to the room. Voting elsewhere is not possible.
* Federally issued photo ID must be presented for voting.
* Bringing cameras to the booth is strictly forbidden (you can leave your phone with the poll worker while you vote).
* The whole country uses the same electronic voting machine, a simple and rugged design.
* Polling places are heavily policed, making voter intimidation, canvassing, and machine tampering unlikely.

This system is very efficient, the result is always tallied and announced in a couple of hours after the polling places close.

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