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Comment Re:Eric S. Raymond wouldn't have a clue (Score 1) 348

but it seems only one side is apparently infallible

I never said that, and besides there is only one side here with Eric S. Raymond's claims that day.
Nothing else to see so no other side to call a liar or not.
Read his other stuff and make up your own mind - either fall for it or hone that bullshit detector.

Comment Re:Let's be certain first,.. (Score 1) 348

Said group has disbanded but they spread out to other "Women in Tech" groups to try the same type of things.

Only nobody every tried those things and the only source that said it was going to happen is a bit of a biased ranting fruitcake called Eric Raymond - the "fisking" guy, who said he heard about it in an online chat somewhere.

Thus nothing at all to do with Linus who never had to fear for anything like that.

Comment Re:Eric S. Raymond wouldn't have a clue (Score 2) 348

Certainly possible he's full of shit, totally

Read a few things he's written over the years to remove all doubt, especially the "Fisking" idiocy, but that "targetted" thing is even more ridiculous. Somebody he won't name says an org that no longer exists was going to play James Bond honeypot games? Seriously?
You've been misled by the Lindbergh effect - somebody with fame in one area can push some ideas that are not exactly sane in other areas.

Comment Re:Let's be certain first,.. (Score 1) 348

I am particularly skeptical when a "harassment policy" is put in place too

Sadly once an org gets big enough you have to deal with the fact that some people will steal, some people will bully and others will grope. The policies to deal with all are mostly just common sense and referral to law enforcement unless you have HR people that like to micromanage or empire build.

Comment A bit more to quote (Score 1) 348

consistent with reports of SJW dezinformatsiya tactics from elsewhere

Note Eric's fucking huge chip on his shoulder from his wording. Expect bias.

If true, these claims will rock the world of software development

Notice how they didn't rock anything? Life went on and it's a year later. Maybe Eric's blog rant was just another of Eric's blog rants.

If you are going to bring it up again I suggest you mention Eric's name instead of defaming Linus. I thought you were bringing up something new that actually involved Linus instead of Eric's deranged rant of "deliberately planned and persistent campaign to frame Linus" which for some reason Linus was not able to notice.

Comment Eric S. Raymond wouldn't have a clue (Score 1) 348

Ah - Eric S. Raymond - enough said.
While he's done a few things of note in one area he's a bit of a goose in others.
See also his introduction of the word "Fisking" into the jargon file as an example of how utter full of shit he is at times when he has a political agenda to push - in that case opposition to anyone even mildly critical of Israel, in this case he's definitely been very upset with feminist politics on occasion instead of just ignoring something that's never going to impact on his life in any way at all.

Raymond quoted excerpts from an online chat with a trusted source, who told him that the Ada Inititiative, a recently-discontinued feminist advocacy group in tech, was trying to “collect scalps” by concocting charges of attempted sexual assault against male software developers.

In other words utter fucking bullshit passed on at least twice from who knows where before posted on 4chan or whatever.

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