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Comment Re: Perfect is the enemy of the good (Score 1) 153

Actually I was quoting my dad... an engineer who designs power grids for a living.

Yes I have an uncle who did that for around fifty years but I do not pretend to speak for him, I'm speaking for myself with only a few years experience in the electricity industry and a couple of decades elsewhere - but really we are discussing this at high school level anyway so you should be able to stand on your own two feet here.

Pretending HVDC is some magic bullet

I did not do that. I suggested you consider what the losses actually are. Perhaps you should read the subject heading since you appear to have missed it. I put it there in an attempt to make it more clear that I was not suggesting some not yet existing perfect magic bullet like your superconductor strawman.

It was also extremely offensive when you got this portion of mountain out of the tiny molehill "if you discovered some kind of power generator that produced enough power for the whole world at near-zero cost, but it only worked in one place (yeah, I'm not even going to guess what that might be)"
WTF is it with that attack? All I did is mention something that has less losses than the average coder thinks are in electricity transmission. Why build your mountain out of that molehill?

Comment Perfect is the enemy of the good (Score 1) 153

How about you read about the magnitude of those losses (clue: it is not large)and then you'll get a bit of an idea about what is being discussed. There is no need to go off into a tangent about discussing superconductors and pretending a failure there means losses are a total showstopper for any sort of long distance transmission, take a look at what is already being used. Generators do not have to be right next to major cities to be viable.

HVDC isn't that new anyway

Yes. Perhaps you should find out more and you will know why I mentioned it. There is no point attempting to lecture somebody on a topic that they have mentioned when you know very little about the topic yourself, it tends to annoy a great deal. Please take another look at wherever you pasted some text from.

Comment Re:"Green" technologies aren't sufficient. (Score 1) 153

trying to extract as much energy as possible as fast as possible

Considering how expensive various bits of the process are whether you are aiming for a trickle or a flood the only thing that comes anywhere in the ballpark of economic sense is to get as much as you can out of it.
Those low power nuclear solutions used in satellites etc still have incredibly expensive to produce fuel. It may be worth getting at least a high school level understanding of the topic before saying "Engineers can be real ass clown geeks".

Comment Re:"Green" technologies aren't sufficient. (Score 2) 153

It sort of should make a lot of sense for Japan due to Japan's reliance on energy imports, but it's been so badly run there that people are not putting up with it.
Everywhere else it's a side benefit of a nuclear weapons program with civilian costs lower in places where the weapons program is large and can do a lot of the economic heavy lifting. It's worked better in France, Russia etc than in the USA IMHO because governments were able to push some progress internally. In the USA companies like Westinghouse were happy to just slap a bit of green paint on a 1970s design and court politicians with hookers and blow (MASSIVE PR budget) in the hope that taxpayers money would be thrown at their "private sector" operations.
If they actually innovated they could have made a reactor good enough to be able to borrow from a bank to build it.

Comment Self inflicted (Score 4, Informative) 153

Self inflicted - this folks is exactly what happens when you spend far more on PR than on R&D.
Westinghouse could be rolling in cash selling something far better than their antiquated AP1000 design to an energy hungry China, but they chose instead to slap some green paint on something from the 1970s and call it done.

Westinghouse lobbied AGAINST government nuclear research during the Clinton administration because it was using Thorium and Westinghouse wanted to use their Uranium designs as long as possible. They saw Thorium as a threat to their business model.
The US nuclear lobby ate their own children and this is the expected consequence.

Comment Re: You've only just noticed? (Score 1) 636

The entire point appears to be to pretend that all ills come from "SJWs" whatever the fuck that means today.
Meanwhile in reality a very traditional American right wing boss who thinks he owns people after they have gone home, and is a puritan to boot, has done exactly what Henry Ford (or Rockefeller or Hearst if you prefer them instead), would have done back in the day.

Comment Re:Not sure but (Score 1) 78

The common name is "Tasmanian Tiger" and you can have it in Queensland just like you can have "Texas Chilli" in Castle Rock Maine :)

in one, and only one, location

Things have been seen in a lot of places in Australia. They are probably just large dogs but get mistaken for other stuff up to and including panthers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantom_cat).

I heard about this project a few days ago. It's a camera trap survey to see what is out there and someone half-jokingly mentioned a thylacine since people claim to have seen them in the area.
It's nice to dream and think that maybe some thylacines survived because dingoes generally don't live in rainforest but if they had it's almost certain that someone would have noticed them by now (probably a hungry dingo).

Comment Nice strawman you've got there (Score 1) 636

Liberals/Progressives have always been "Your ALL in or you're OUT". Either you accept the whole ideology or you're not true to the cause

Nice strawman you've got there kid. Shame that it doesn't exist.

WTF did you people do in school? Ever thought to crack open a book?

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