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Comment Re:Fog hod sake People (Score 1) 329

While I've done a lot of work as an engineer in power stations I'm no nuclear engineer (and the ones I worked with were Russian!), but the cooling towers work the same way in coal fired power stations.
It's not steam anywhere in the cooling towers FFS - it's not even very hot. Same molecule - so - it's not the "steam" molecule so how does that make it correct?

My comment above was mostly exasperation at the almost content free article and their interview with the manager who knows as little about his plant as you do. It's a little depressing that so many here thought actual hot steam was coming out of those things.

Comment Fog hod sake People (Score 1) 329

FFS - just look up the wikipedia article for cooling towers instead of revealing that you are commenting on a topic you have zero clue about.
The water in those things is not very hot, it's typically starting at 40C or so and the stuff that comes out is fog.

As for your nuclear engineering comment - irrelevant - the guy that made the "steam" comment - footballer, historian and lawyer with a career mostly in banks.
He doesn't know any better.
You should.

Comment Re:How much of that is entirely Microsoft's fault (Score 1) 478

Funny - that's exactly what I thought when you wrote "The result is an obviously incompetent IT staff at IBM". It's a pity you didn't get the message despite the overblown and unsubtle way I presented it. How blunt do I have to be next time? Red text and BLINK tags?

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 161

THINK - If that was really the case then why was nearly every other nation in the Pacific reason invited years ago and not China? Why is Kerry inviting a journalist with an empty promise instead of inviting diplomats with a real one?
This has been going on for YEARS and TPP drafts have featured on wikileaks. It's good that you are taking an interest but I suggest that before you go around "correcting" people it may be worth taking a bit more of an interest and get some background on the topic. I didn't expect some sort of attack from someone not very aware of the issue just for describing it in broad terms.

Comment Re:How much of that is entirely Microsoft's fault (Score 1) 478

Yes, it's IBM wearing the little red skirt that is the problem not Microsoft dragging her into an alley. IBM was obviously asking for it.
Yes I think your argument was THAT stupid and almost as offensive.
Am I supposed to have heard of Flextronics and be awed? Sorry it doesn't ring a bell.

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 161

to nail China's balls to the wall

That's what the TPP was supposed to be about. However it hands out sweet deals to other nations (deals that hurt the USA) while carrying later added malware that inflicts US I.P. law on those other nations and pisses them off, so it barely encourages those other countries despite the cost. It also relies on China standing still for a decade while their balls are nailed to the wall.
So your idea isn't new and the current attempt at implementation appears to be worse than not trying at all. It's probably not a bad idea in itself though.

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