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Comment Re:Accenture (Score 1) 72

After they mismanaged the company for a few years, trashing our corporate culture and making all the employees miserable I found another job and resigned.

If you were an ethical person, you would have bailed as soon as the acquisition was announced.

miserable, judgemental jerk

Why would I be miserable? I don't have the taint of working for a criminal organization on my conscience.


Comment Re:It's missing the full picture (Score 1) 197

Keep in mind that diesels, like any internal combustion engine, lose at least half of the chemical energy of their fuel as exhaust heat. A hydrogen fuel cell can deliver 70 to 80 percent of the oxidation reaction as electricity.

Also, don't assume that the current methods for producing hydrogen are the final word. I know people who are working on hydrogen-producing bacteria, for example.


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