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Comment The ALL Platform. (Score 1) 383

Where ALL software runs on ALL platforms.
Developed in the 17th century by Aloha LikeLike, a Hawaiian Chief Information Officer. It was later stolen by Captain James Cook on his first voyage, so they ate him on his return.
OK, I added that bit about Cook. This and other random crap fantasies, like Java. JMHO.

Submission + - Apple seemingly attempts to determine your location even when location services (

chrisgagne writes: Apple says "You can also turn Location Services off altogether by deselecting Enable Location Services in the Privacy pane of Security & Privacy preferences. However, here's a video showing that although Location Services are turned off, Apple's (their location services daemon) is still active and attempting to communicate with It's blocked from doing so by Little Snitch, whose Network Monitor is showing all of these attempts.
The Internet

Submission + - Australian ISPs to disconnect botnet "zombies" ( 4

jibjibjib writes: Some of Australia's largest ISPs are preparing an industry code of conduct to identify and respond to users with botnet-infected computers. The Internet Industry Association, made up of over 200 ISPs and technology companies, is preparing the code in response to an ultimatum from the federal government.

ISPs will try to contact the user, slow down their connection, and ultimately terminate the connection if the user refuses to fix the problem. It is hoped that this will reduce the growth of botnets in Australia, which had the world's third-highest rate of new "zombies" (behind the US and China)

Comment Re:All I have is an anecdote (Score 1) 430

The H1N1 virus does not represent "the grave" for me.

Spoken like a true Darwin Award contender. H1N1 has presented a strain that is very virulent and that has been fatal for young healthy individuals. Of course, you can argue the finer points, weigh up the overall risks for yourself by understanding the disease better (recommended) and come to a decision, but should you chose not to vaccinate yourself against it, you should keep in mind the possibility that you may carry the disease on to people you care about whom may or may not be adversely impacted.

Comment Re:All I have is an anecdote (Score 1) 430

There is, after all, a type of natural selection in effect here. If you change the virus's environment (by vaccinating the hosts) to select against a few strains, then those strains will decline and other strains will become dominant.

The problem I see with this is that it implies that the flu strains are competing with one another when in fact they are not. I don't see why it's not possible for a person to come down with two or more flu's at the one time, thereby all being successful, and one not disqualifying the other(s). The victim would be in a pretty bad state I expect and greatly benefit from having been vaccinated against any one. The (un-natural) selection pressure is real in terms of diminished host environments for one of these flus, and while it may appear that the other flus have been selected "for", eliminating one does not make the others more or less successful.

In line with this thinking then, if a flu weakened immune system is enough to make another less prevalent virus, more successful, then not vaccinating and getting a bad flu may assist a less virulent flu at becoming more successful.

United States

Submission + - Alaskan Volcano goes boom

Michael the Great writes: " Alaska volcano, Readoubt, is currently errupting. This began late Sunday evening. Lava is not an issue, but ash can be. Currently, it looks like the ash is heading directly to the Kenai Penninsula where almost 50,000 people live. The last time Readout blew, 1989, it caused $160 million in damages."

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