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Comment How much to re-create Apollo? (Score 4, Interesting) 228

How expensive would it be to re-create the Apollo program?

Would it be cheaper to do an "Apollo plus" with SOME modern technology where modern tech happens to be cheaper or the same price, but leaving out modern tech where it's more expensive?

In other words, would we save $BIGBUCKS by building on what we have instead of starting nearly from scratch?

Before anyone points it out, I am aware that significant amounts of the original Apollo program's designs have been lost, either literally though lost blueprints/design-documents or in practice because the "institutional knowledge" is long-gone. I also know that the original manufacturing facilities are long gone and they would have to be rebuilt. However, significant parts of the design work is either available or easily reverse-engineered, so we wouldn't be starting from scratch.

Comment Re:How long before this is cheap? (Score 1) 53

Probably never for USB sticks or built into phones etc. To get the full bandwidth you need 12 antennas it appears

I should've specified that I was accounting for this.

To rephrase:

How long before non-routers with "up to a 4x increase in throughput speed in a crowded network [and] 2x2 MU-MIMO" using the new .ax standard for under $20 on a USB stick (including antennas) or built-in to laptops and phones for about the same as currently-popular high-speed WiFi technology?

Submission + - A guide to Friday's comet-eclipse-full-moon triple feature (

SonicSpike writes: Even if you aren't a space nerd whose idea of a good time is craning your neck to stare into the vast nothingness of space on a frigid evening, this Friday the heavens will put on a show worth heading outdoors for.

A penumbral lunar eclipse, a full "snow moon" and a comet will be spicing up the night sky February 10 in a rare convergence of such celestial happenings.

We'll start with our nearest neighbor. February brings the full moon known as the "snow moon" because this month in North America tends to see a lot of the white fluffy stuff.

This snow moon will be special though because, well... we'll all get in its way in a sense when the penumbral lunar eclipse takes place Friday. The eclipse will be at least partly visible from most but not all places on Earth (sorry Australia and Japan). The moment of greatest eclipse is at 4:43 p.m. PT and the eclipse will then dissipate until it completes a little over two hours later, according to the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Submission + - Attacks on WordPress Sites Intensify as Hackers Deface Over 1.5 Million Pages (

An anonymous reader writes: Attacks on WordPress sites using a vulnerability in the REST API, patched in WordPress version 4.7.2, have intensified over the past two days, as attackers have now defaced over 1.5 million pages, spread across 39,000 unique domains.

Initial attacks using the WordPress REST API flaw were reported on Monday by web security firm Sucuri, who said four group of attackers defaced over 67,000 pages. The number grew to over 100,000 pages the next day, but according to a report from fellow web security firm WordFence, these numbers have skyrocketed today to over 1.5 million pages, as there are now 20 hacking groups involved in a defacement turf war.

Making matters worse, over the weekend, Google failed miserably when it warned website owners that registered WordPress sites in the Google Search Console. Google attempted to send security alerts to all WordPress 4.7.0 and 4.7.1 website owners (vulnerable to the REST API flaw), but some emails reached WordPress 4.7.2 owners, some of which misinterpreted the email and panicked, fearing their site might lose search engine ranking.

Submission + - GM Salmonella destroys cancer ( 1

schwit1 writes: Using mice and cultures of human cancer cells, a South Korean-led scientific team demonstrated that Salmonella typhimurium engineered to make a foreign protein caused immune cells called macrophages and neutralizes to mobilize against the cancer.

The bacterium came from an attenuated strain that has little infectious potential. Such strains have been tested as vaccines. The protein, called FlaB, is made by a gene in the estuarine bacterium Vibrio vulnificus, a close relative of the cholera bacterium, Vibrio cholerae.

Tumors shrank below detectable levels in 11 out of 20 mice injected with the modified Salmonella, said the study, published in Science Translational Medicine.

Submission + - Cybersecurity Firm's Own Blog Is Hacked With Fake Articles

Mickeycaskill writes: In an era of unprecedented cyberthreats, many organisations turn to security firms for guidance on how to prevent and respond to incidents, and to their researchers for information about the latest threats.

But just to illustrate that you can never be too careful, cybersecurity specialist Trend Micro has confirmed that one of the blogs it uses to communicate with customers was itself the victim of a content spoofing attack.

The culprits exploited a vulnerability in WordPress to inject fake content onto the blog before it was removed by Trend Micro and the bug fixed.

“Unfortunately there are many different URLs attackers can use to carry out the same attack, so a couple of fake ‘articles’ ended up posted on CounterMeasures," head of security research Rik Ferguson told Silicon. "We have responded and shut down the vulnerability completely to resolve the issue."

Submission + - President Trump Becoming a One Man Demographic for Cable News Advertising (

AmiMoJo writes: Donald Trump watches a lot of television. It is not mere entertainment for him, but also a means to power and a guide to policy. Anonymous aides have said it can be difficult to wrest Trump from the screen to fulfill the duties of his office. Minutes after Fox News used the words "ungrateful traitor" to describe Chelsea Manning and "weak leader" to describe President Obama, Trump sent a tweet calling Manning an "Ungrateful TRAITOR" and Obama "a weak leader." Last week, Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings directly implored the president to call him in a segment on Morning Joe. "I know you’re watching,” he said. “Call me. I want to talk to you.” Hours later, Trump called the congressman's Washington office. Stand Up Republic, the nonprofit led by conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn, is now airing commercials on Morning Joe just for Trump.

Comment Re:More resource intensive than regular paper (Score 1) 159

Maybe in a closed loop environment where there is a ton of printing for short-term purposes where the week-long lifetime doesn't matter AND you can re-use the paper close to the maximum number

Yes, this. Someone mentioned convention centers and church bulletins as possible applications.

However, even these are limited as many of these documents are typically multiple-color at least on part of the page and/or they are being replaced with apps, screens all over the place, or other paper-less versions.

Comment Re:I have blue color blindness (Score 1) 159

you, insensitive clod!

Well, make sure the shade of blue and the shade of white aren't the same shade and you should be able to tell them apart by light/dark value.

If someone markets paper that doesn't have sufficiently different contrast, then complain.

Either that, or embrace it as a feature: "Sorry boss, you say I didn't follow the instructions but the memo you sent looked blank to me."

Comment Re:Better recycling? (Score 1) 159

Ok, which is it. Do liberals cry "DONT TOUCH THE HOLY FREE MARKET" or do they cry "SOCIALISM! COMMUNISM! REGULATION!"

I'm confused.

The "parent post" was referring to "liberal-radicals" whatever they are.

Perhaps this will help:

Person 1: What's the difference between an extreme left-winger and an extreme right-winger?
Person 2: I don't know.
Person 1: I don't know either, I don't think there is one, but for some reason they keep fighting each other.

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