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Comment Re:I'm all over this (Score 1) 127

You must not have a lot of social interaction. There's something about a shared experience. It's why the Superbowl draws such huge crowds, even when very few care for the outcome or the sport. While coworkers and I don't watch all the same movies or shows, the conversations we have about new episodes or films are a critical part of the bonding process that makes us an effective team. The same can be said of friendships. As a parent of several children, my opportunities to interact with other adults are limited. Lack of ability to participate in current social events can be even further isolating. The ability to view new releases in my home is very desirable for me.

Comment Why does apple always screw me over (Score 1) 103

I was in the market for a smaller iPad. I've had my 16GB iPad 4 for several years, but it seems to choke on newer apps. I really wanted a new iPad Mini, but I'm not buying a model that's two years old at any price. Apple has billions in cash, but they can't seem to engineer regular updates into their product lineup since Jobs died.

Comment Static IP (Score 2) 206

Demand a static IP address from your ISP. I work for a small ISP who employed a reckless infrastructure manager. Internet time sync was set incorrectly on several servers. When we received infringement complaints, our IP assignment logs were useless. That didn't stop them from sending the notices to 90-year-olds, or other customers who were obviously not downloading infringing material.

Comment Re:They get you off your ass (Score 2) 93

... and a smallpox vaccine's effectiveness could vary greatly depending on the individual – at least according to the anti-vaxers. I'm all for scientific study, but implying increased general physical activity might be harmful flys in the face of logic and generally agreed upon health standards.

Comment Let's look at credit hours (Score 1) 537

I'm a returning student currently enrolled to earn my B.S. two decades after completing my A.S. My course plan for my degree has several electives that frankly don't matter to my field of study. Knowing that every science course I took had lab fees to cover the additional costs, I also wonder if some degrees should require more class time than others. The standard 120 credit hours seems like the real source of lower cost/lower paying fields subsidizing the STEM fields.

Comment Charter's Doing the Right Thing Here (Score 1) 65

I work for a very small ISP, and personally, I'd side with Charter on this one. We provide a modem to customers as part of the basic service and guarantee internet will work with the provider modem. If our modem goes bad, we supply a replacement no questions asked. Customers who are technically adept may use their own equipment, but we won't support it beyond providing normal configuration settings. If any Tom, Dick, or Harry can use whatever they want, then the ISP is on the hook for supporting possibly damaged or outdated equipment. I can't think of another industry that makes the original provider responsible for customer modifications.

Comment Re:What's particularly fishy... (Score 1) 146

Fitbits are highly dependent on close contact with the skin to take accurate heart rate measurements. During "intense" workouts, an improperly fitting monitor could loose contact with the skin at every hard step. I could see the study being thrown out because Fitbit will claim the researchers used the wrong size tracker and the company's instructions weren't followed. There's a big difference between a product could theoretically fail to perform in lab conditions and how it performs under normal use.

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