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Comment When is this active? (Score 1) 238

I held off on selecting a custom user name as I knew this day would come. That said, is this active for all accounts? The post didn't say it was being rolled out over the coming days/weeks. When you go to Profit - About - Get URL you cannot select any name. Am I missing something here?

FAQ still has old details:

Comment Note the source (Score 2) 49

We in our tech circles know about the T&C of Instagram but to think that 25% of Instagram users know anything about this--much less care enough to stop using the service simply does not pass the sniff test.

NY Post, a questionably new source to begin with citing AppData, a company that has to use conjecture to create insight means there is NO NEWS HERE PEOPLE.

Comment Specifics on the exploits? Original source? (Score 1) 90

\ I read the article and it provides no details on the exploit(s). How are we supposed to know if a system is vulnerable, let alone what configuration changes are required to harden security? The article links to the original Slashdot submission, which links to the article... which came first, and where is the original source?

Comment Re:not good for scouting from Google Earth (Score 1) 95

Replacing a photo of an actual tree with a 3D model of some random tree that is native to the area (but may not even be the same species) is not progress. If it can identify the type of tree, along with approximate dimensions, then I'll be extremely impressed. I highly doubt they could even correctly determine the species based on the quality of photos they currently have, and if they have better quality photos then those should be made available as a layer or at a high enough zoom level (like Bing).

Comment not good for scouting from Google Earth (Score 1) 95

I use Google Earth to scout out potential hunting grounds in addition to exploring them in person. Unless these trees directly correspond to actual trees, this is a step backward as far as I'm concerned. They'd be better off obtaining higher-resolution images like Bing's "Bird's Eye View" feature, which only works in very limited areas but it's great where they have it.
The Military

Submission + - The Web Braces for Biggest Wikileaks Dump to Date (

corerunner writes: In what is rumored to be "the biggest leak of military intelligence that has ever occurred," the whistleblower site WikiLeaks is preparing to reveal hundreds of thousands of documents pertaining to the Iraq War. Iain Overton, the editor of a journalism nonprofit in London, told Newsweek he's working with WikiLeaks and other media organizations to process, digest, and publish the information. Here's what's buzzing about the upcoming intelligence leak around the Web: This Will Be the Biggest Dump Ever; This Will Probably Contain Info on Detainee Treatment; They'll Try to Prevent Casualties; A Number of Media Sources Will Get Exclusives; Bringing in the MSM Is a Smart Strategy

Comment Re:lulz (Score 1) 116

I think you confused two parts of the article...

“We were able to move swiftly,” Izbrand said. “We are offering credit monitoring and identity-theft protection and any other assistance our employees want.” The credit and identity-theft services are being provided by an independent company, he said.

KCI is a publicly traded company that designs, markets and services products involved in the healing process and treatment of wounds. Its products include hospital beds and mattress replacements.

I disagree that the problem isn't that someone sent this spreadsheet to the entire company. It's not unreasonable for someone in HR to create something like that for a specific task, but it should be guarded closely. Maybe you meant it shouldn't have been so easily accessible that it could accidentally be emailed to the entire company, but that's not what you stated. That so-called bigwig should be reprimanded harshly if there's anyone above him.

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