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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 69

I have an X55 and it lasted for about a year's worth of playing Elite Dangerous before one of the hats on the stick went out.

The RMA process was smooth and they replaced both the throttle and stick. I thought that they made a mistake, but a week later one of the hats on the throttle went out. I guess that they were being proactive.

Comment Re:Low Cost of Living? Not Compared to Albuquerque (Score 1) 151

I think the "low cost of living" is relative to San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. The author of this article specifically left San Francisco, which seems to me to be the absolute worst in terms of cost of living.

People from San Francisco are 'screwing up' property markets all over the country. I am in the process of relocating my family to the Portland, Oregon area. The environment is similar to what you described with your cousin. Everything is going for over asking price. There are usually half a dozen or more offers on a property within 3 days of it going on the market.

I asked my realtor what was driving the costs up and she told me that it is, "All of the tech people moving out of the Bay Area."

Comment Anecdotal Denver +1 (Score 2) 151

The company I work for has a small office (~35 people) in Denver. The entire office is dedicated to data analytics and does a lot of work with massive structured and unstructured data sets.

The company also has a smaller office in Boulder, but from what I understand that office is focused primarily on the energy market.

Comment Samsung S5 - Verizon (Score 4, Interesting) 183

I had my previous Motorola Droid Razr for years and toward the end of its life put Cynaogen on it. It was an entirely new phone at that point and the only reason I upgraded to the Samsung S5 was because I had a free upgrade.

The S5 is starting to slow down and become unresponsive because of the amount of crapware that Verizon loads onto the phone. I am going to take the plunge and try to root it, though from what I am reading now that it is running Lollipop, it might be a bit tricky. Have any of you downgraded to Kitkat from the most recent version of Lollipop and successfully rooted a Verizon S5?

Given the hardware specs of the current phone, along with wifi and LTE, I could see myself using this phone for years and years to come if I can get replacement batteries for it.

If I ever do have to buy a new phone, I will not buy it from a carrier. There are too many strings attached. Wireless carriers should be like ISPs. We only need them to give us connectivity.

Comment Re:Good Luck to Them (Score 1) 296

We are already in WW3. "They" are just waiting until after the election to break the bad news to everyone who is not yet getting their information from sources other than major news outlets.

The irksome thing about the whole situation is that it could be avoided. The money (read production capacity and labor hours) that will be spent on weapons to kill each other could easily be diverted into infrastructure projects like energy, agriculture, sanitation and transportation. There is no reason, other than the status quo and those in charge who want to maintain their grip on power, that the "Third World" cannot enjoy a significantly better quality of life over the next two generations than their ancestors have ever known.

Comment Good Luck to Them (Score 3, Insightful) 296

For at least the last decade, people have been half heartedly making the occasional comments about unionizing the IT workforce.

I hope that the EmblemHealth employees are successful. It is tough to compete in a global economy, but IT is one of the few professions where there is a serious shortage of qualified talent. If the qualified talent refuses to train their replacements, then those replacements are worthless.

Of course, over the next few years a good portion of the sysadmin skill set is going to be automated so this is very much too little, too late. When you have a team of half a dozen people who can manage thousands or tens of thousands of VMs in AWS or Azure, those 100+ person IT departments start looking bloated.

Also putting pressure on the traditional IT skill set is the continuing downward pressure on hardware costs, BYOD and VDI. There is no need to have a legion of desktop monkeys doing end user support when an organization can rapidly re-deploy hardware and shift applications in real time via virtualized desktops.

As more and more application vendors outsource their support functions and take on the support burden as part of the yearly maintenance cost, the need for in house IT staff will continue to shrink.

There is a lot of M&A activity in the healthcare field right now, and a couple of key vendors are bubbling up to the top of the pile. Within a decade I think we are going to see standardization around a couple of SaaS type platforms. Given all of the data breaches that are going on, individual hospitals and healthcare organizations cannot continue to eat the risk of storing all of that data in house.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 105

Since you like FPS and the UT engine, you might consider checking out Insurgency. I just started playing it about a month ago and I really enjoy it. The game is fairly 'realistic' in that you cannot hit much of anything unless you aim down the sights, and it only takes a couple of bullets to kill someone. The learning curve is pretty steep until you figure out the maps, but once you get a handle on them it is a lot of fun.

I mention it because it is slower paced than UT and the other twitch based FPS games, and they are also in the process of converting over to the Unreal 4 engine.

I think I peaked at Q3 and into CS1.1 / 1.2. I was very competitive at Q3, to the point where I beat Fatal1ty on pub DM servers from time to time. (

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