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Comment Re:Dumbass (Score 1) 168

you just don't get it.

> There, you said it. Diplomatic channels ought to be sacred — much as (if not more!) so than the channels used by private citizens.
NOPE, diplomatic means goverment means NOT CIVILIAN.

> All radio-traffic had to be listened to in order to find enemy's messages. Much like the Internet-traffic today needs to be sifted through...
yeah, how many people used a radio for transmitting for private stuff back then? And how many people use the internet for private stuff today.

> We are at war with terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and other non-governmental groups today.
nope, you are not:

> Distinction without difference.
see above and think...

Comment Re:Dumbass (Score 1) 168

the comparison is totally off
1. "Envisioning the future" vs. working on programs of mass-surveillance against the own population.
2. The Zimmermann Telegram was sent during war-time via diplomatic channels.
3. The Enigma was primarily used for military encryption.
4. The Allies were at (world) war against Germany.
5. The war against Germany was officially declared.

Comment The Drama of the Gifted Child (Alice Miller) (Score 1) 402

comes to mind...

I forgot the name, but he claimed that highly-above intellectual capacities are usually the result of childhood-trauma. Maybe just bullshit, but strangely the "childhood" section of "great persons" in wikipedia usually are quite "interesting" with that perspective... but if you look for something, you will usually find something.

Comment Re:Several reasons (Score 1) 1004

It should be: "They are the best and their methods are unconventional", extraordinary doesn't capture it at all (exceptionally is worse). It's somewhat closer, particularly with the right tone of voice (think bit of a pause before it and a somewhat amused, unsure expresion) on außergewöhnlich.

ahem? you are picking on the wrong thing... you are arguing about the back translation from the wrong German translation. "they specialize in the ridiculous" (the Original!) does not in anyway mean "their methods are ...". also my problem is less with the translation itself, but on the fact that if you want to watch the original English version it is way more problems and troubles. Basically, the translation is forced upon you. The only way - besides piracy - you buy it on DVD (delay time unit: years), sometimes even iTunes has only the German version. Usually quite a few people write about that in feedback commentary in the iTunes shop.

Comment Re:Several reasons (Score 1) 1004

Never mind the bad translations. What about the sterile sound quality of the dub and how it totally obliterates the emotional content of the actor's performance? Why does it have to sound like it is spoken by some bored dude sitting in a studio?! Oh, wait. Right. And then there's the disconnect between the visual and auditory sensory perception, i.e. the words are not synced to lip movements.

different tastes/different perception I guess, I am more on the content side, you are probably more on the auditory/visual perception side. I never realized the out of lip sync back in the days, when I only had German translations. Nowadays, I avoid German versions like the plague, we even drove about 120 km in one direction "just" to see Iron Sky in English and not in German. I probably have to pay close attention to get the out-of-sync lip movement, but I know for a lot of people it's just awful.

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