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Comment Better: NO cloud (Score 1) 28

This is google.
Their AI offering don't have any installable component, not even on clusters.
They only provide APIs.

Keep your eye on the open efforts for TTS and STT. Those are where our best hopes lie.

Not in fixing ourselves to the rear bumper of some corporation with a bloody chain made of links of extracted personal information.

C'mon, people. If we're smart (I know, I know) we will wrest back control of our own destinies.

(Oh, and BTW, Google, that survey was incredibly lame. Who wrote that? A fourth grader?)

Comment Older gear. (Score 1) 204

Older gear (probably not going to get updated, either. Because we have a good viewing and listening experience already.) Discrete components; pre-pro, amps, speakers, etc. The pre-pro could be remoted, perhaps, but it's very early on the curve of network control, and I've found it's not even reliable to tell to turn on and off. Denon bought Marantz, and they have been pretty sad about proper updates to nominally update-capable components.

OTOH, if a proper STT interface ever hits the streets (and no, I don't count the Echo - the number of negative developer and privacy issues there are ridiculous) I might be motivated to undertake such a setup. Mainly change the pre-pro to one that's smart enough to reliably remote and dedicate a computer with lots of storage to the theater as an AV source. But I'm 60, and every year that passes, I'm more satisfied with what I already have, so... perhaps not.

Already pretty much ignoring the 4K thing. Aside from very low media availability at this point in time, 1080p looks great on a big screen (and your average movie director still thinks it's "artsy" to soft focus and/or use a lens with horrific DOF, either/both of which completely waste all that fine resolution goodness anyway.)

Comment Re:The problem is what you consider useful (Score 1) 204

It was -40 degrees here just a few days ago, and it's not very nice now. And it's icy. And windy. Outside = awful.

Also -- you know why it's really nice to talk to an exercise measuring device? Because you can do it while you're exercising.

So how about you take your presumptions and re-evaluate.

Comment lol (Score 2) 204

Found the 1%-er.

No, you most certainly didn't. You found the guy who doesn't spend even a tiny fraction of what others do on children, booze, drugs, bars, travel, going out to eat, long trips, interest, hotels, sports events, video games, software, "apps", new cars, parties, education, or junkfood — and hasn't for quite a few decades now.

Which left me way more than enough to build a very nice theater into my home, the entire interior of which I built and wired by hand, after buying the property. Even with a modest income. Also, I bought the property with the specific intent of putting a theater into it - it was an abandoned church, a classic tabula rasa. Just a huge, empty room. And I had mucho help - my SO is awesome, and very much like-minded.

We each have our priorities. Home entertainment and at-home convenience are some of mine, that's all. In fact, almost every optional expenditure I make is in pursuit of a concrete, lasting improvement to my physical circumstance. If you don't have enough left over to do what you dream of by the time you're my age (I started this particular undertaking when I was 50, I'm 60 now), then you're Doing It Wrong.

Up till now, anyway. I don't know what's going to happen to the younger people going forward. Looking a good deal more bleak than it did for me.

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 683

You're right, they are connected. In our economy, people need to go places and services exist to serve them. Cities decided there were "too many cars" and established medallions/licenses to create artificial scarcity. So the market sensed the damage, and routed around it. Now it's even messier, isn't it? It's almost as if it's more complex than the enlightened socialists would claim. Perhaps they should take their arrogance and shove it up their posteriors, and let the adults clean up their mess.

Comment Re:"They" don't have to understand anything (Score 1) 683

Why don't you skip a few steps, have the government buy Uber, and then you control their wages directly? I'm sure that will work perfectly.

I mean, since you believe you, the government, are entitled to dictate to everyone how they will live, why not keep it simple, and make them work for you? Then there is no guesswork.

Comment Re:America! (Score 2) 683

I think you have some valid points, but you'll have to speak up. I couldn't hear your insights over the racket of all the command economists' necks snapping as they flipped from criticizing Uber drivers from stealing taxi drivers' business to pitying Uber drivers for having a poor quality of life.

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