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Comment Re:between 3 and 10 Mb/s is slow? (Score 3, Interesting) 208

Thank you grandpa...

Have you looked at the shit programming on TV today? Yes, this is why people choose what to what, and why Hulu and others have such successful businesses.

Kids watching Youtube? Ever thought about all the amazing educational content on there, again, far better than TV or public education can even imagine to provide?

Facetime (or other video conferencing) is a fuckton better than telephones. I'm just going to guess you don't even have a family? Some of us would actually LIKE to actually see the people we're talking to who live far away.

Comment Easy (Score 1) 230

"The single biggest thing people can do to help keep their online identity safe is probably the easiest -- a solid password."

Fucking cannot be absolutely more wrong on this one. Firstly, you "shouldn't" re-use passwords. So it isn't a "solid password", but instead a "solid password per web site". But what *IS* a solid password? That's right. Complex as fuck shit to remember. Upper, lower, number, specials, with a minimum and maximum that isn't even remotely consistent from web site to web site.

The correct answer for the "probably easiest" way to protect online identity? Enable two-factor authentication on any site that supports it. Even just this alone is a HUGE improvement. Plus, sites like Facebook have login attempt notifications. So if someone even attempts to access your account, you are instantly notified on ALL devices at once of when/where the login attempt occurred and actively deny them your credentials.

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