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Comment Games (Score 1) 112

Since "analysts" keep claiming that phone are replacing consoles and desktops for gaming, let's look at this from a business perspective. That is equivalent to a single video game purchase on another platform. That is virtually nothing at all in comparison to other platforms right now.

Comment Re: The real question is (Score 1) 74

Still using HP LaserJet 2100's in the office I work in, all manufactured in 1998. As of Windows 10, there are STILL official drivers for these things. On top of that, the drivers are the absolute generic "you can print, and nothing more" drivers with no UI what so ever. They just WORK, with zero bullshit. They've all been upgraded with their optional NICs too so now they are network attached, instead of the shitty USB-to-LPT adapters we had ages ago for these. They are simply bullet proof, never failing.

Comment Re:The usual 2 Windows10 questions: (Score 5, Insightful) 74

Win10 Ent is available as a volume license purchase only. I'm in an organization with less than 10 people but are required to be PCI Compliant. Microsoft literally offers 0 versions of Windows 10 that are both compliant and purchased in a small enough quantity for our business.

Comment Re:If it gains popularity (Score 2) 128

And thus why I always love the constant bitching about the classic LAMP stack here on Slashdot. Yeeeup, this is what I work with in my day job. Yeeeup, this has been what I've worked with for a decade now. Yes, I'll continue to use it, too. Yes, it has its flaws, but it is extremely well supported, and has a very clear support and development structure moving forward for the next 10 years.

Comment Local Boy (Score 4, Insightful) 382

As a local boy, King County (Seattle, WA) makes sense for this. The downtown bus routes have overhead wiring. The city already has a vast network of electric buses running, so adding battery operated buses to transition on/off the connected wired network makes sense. They're probably one of the easiest metros to make such a transition.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 4, Insightful) 88

Look at the CEOs over the various eras of Microsoft, it seriously explains everything. The current CEO is from their cloud devision, and in distributed computing, take a few nodes offline from time to time for patching is perfectly normal as other nodes are online for redundancy. Rolling updates are the norm in this area. This logic however absolutely FAILS on the desktop. Updates are scheduled to Microsoft's maintenance windows now, rather than when is the most opportune time for the consumer actively using the operating system. Now think of this not only in terms of Windows Update, but Microsoft as a whole. Gates was a business man, all of their primary software focused on productivity within a business environment. Ballmer was all about DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS, and as much as we all love to make fun of him for it, he was indeed quite good to them (Visual Studio had decent advancements during his time). Now we have Nadella, who's entire focus has been on automation, regardless of who all it effects. Again, this worked great in the datacenter, but he's entirely missed the mark when it comes to the end user perspective.

Comment "Machine Learning" (Score 2) 134

I love how "Machine Learning" is basically the new hit buzzword (phrase) of 2017. Everything is now "WITH MACHINE LEARNING!" - which is really usually just a static algorithm that searches for generic key words. If you use Facebook, you've probably already seen this in where they highlight words representing time or dates and if you click on them it'll generate a calendar item for you. Microsoft is literally just doing the same, only without the asking part now, but labeling it "Machine Learning" and calling it "OMGZ INNOVATION!"

Comment Re:Solution (Score 2) 97

As someone who runs the IT department at a retail establishment where half of our orders are placed via phone calls, it would be near impossible to just "not answer" the phone. Not every entity has this luxury. Though, I do personally have the luxury of fucking with all these "tech support" callers every time they contact us!

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