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Comment Re:And these breakers are connected to the network (Score 3, Insightful) 38

That simply isn't ideal anymore. When a critical situation happens, say an earthquake, how long does it take to deploy a person to a breaker unit to manually change its state? They NEED to be networked in today's age to have the level of agility needed to handle a situation.

Comment FUD Article (Score 1) 133

The entire bloat on disk is about 5MiB in size. For an OS around 20GiB, that is less than 0.1% bloat from this issue. It is also only an issue with a small handful of files (we're talking like 5-10 files total, a bunch of which are just SxS copies of explorer.exe)

This should have just been reported as a simple bug in explorer.exe, not turned into a witch hunt claiming to be THE BLOAT of Windows. This is next to nothing overall.

Source: The guy uploaded his entire scan dump: https://gist.githubusercontent...

Comment DUPED! (Score 1) 50

While this is a dupe, I didn't get the chance to ask the question on my mind last time around.

What about virtual machines? Since in a VM, virtually all CPU feature detection still works, would this mean that a VM running Windows 7 is also fucked for updates without a hack? This isn't just about desktop users. Plenty of us have a simple and light weight Windows 7 install running on VMWare or other hypervisor for the expressed purpose of simple RDP access for admin tasks. Are these VMs running on newer hardware totally fucked for updates now?

Comment Re:Nice try Moz://a. (Score 1) 133

This is exactly how I feel about Adobe as well. Every new version of Photoshop since one of the patches to CS6 all the way through the various CC releases has constantly added new bugs and instabilities to the application. It seems like every company going on these very short release cycles dont give two fucks about stability and literally takes YEARS to fix bugs now instead of months.

Comment BULLSHIT (Score 5, Insightful) 50

As an active user of NORMAL Instagram, I'm going to call absolute total bullshit on this. This is just like how Facebook tried to claim their video service was more popular than YouTube because they set videos to auto-play on the feed AND auto-loop, artificially inflating their view counts. With Instagram now, if you tap on someone's user icon in the normal feed, it'll take you to their stories instead of their profile. This artificially inflates their "stories" user count by taking people to a place they never wanted to go to in the first place (stories vs viewing someone's profile)

Comment Re:no debugging session I suppose ? (Score 1) 236

I didn't realize that pressing the "F12" key on the keyboard took so much longer in Edge than it did in Chrome.

Also, if you were unaware that F12 was the keyboard shortcut for the dev tools window, it is pretty obvious you've never actually USED Edge then, and are just talkin out your ass, since Edge literally calls it the "F12 Develop Tools" in both the context menu option to open the console as well as the title bar of said console.

Comment Also missing (Score 1) 99

"Okay Google... What song is this?" - used to be a voice command to have Google turn on the phone's mic, record a snippet of audio, then report back what song it is. This was prior to Google Assistant, back in them good ol Google Now days. I never asked for GA, it was forced on my phone. This was a feature I used quite frequently to discover new music playing in various places while I traveled. Luckily, manually pressed the mic icon on the home screen reverts back to GN instead of GA. Its just stupid though having to press a button to activate GN now though, because GA took over the voice activation feature on the phone.

Comment Rendering (Score 4, Interesting) 78

I was actually much more impressed with their 3d rendering of the $10 bill on their web site than with the code being there. Their renderer at first I thought was just a nifty spinning flat texture, pretty simple. But if you spin it faster, force is applied to the bill and it starts to bend. A little less simple, but it visually and feels quite nice. Plus the rendering of the holographic material actually looks quite nice on the page, too.

Comment Re:The moral of the story is that (Score 1) 173

Exactly this. Just earlier today I saw yet another person bitching about the fact they couldn't run YouTube on their phone in the background to play music. My only thought was: "YouTube is a video service that eats considerable amount of resources/battery... why not just use a music service? Like having your own music and Winamp or some shit..."

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