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Comment Re:Same (Score 1) 474

Oh trust me, this has exactly been my thought process too! My interview was right before the big public scandal about their toxic work environments. Considering the entire interview process (not just the one example posted), looking at it in retrospect, it was actually quite obvious how toxic their entire system is internally. I'm quite happy to not be apart of that team.

Comment Re:Do you have a better metric for Hiring? (Score 1) 474

"successful"? no. That's the job of marketing, not the quality of the developer.
"functional"? yes. It should accomplish the task at hand given the parameters required.

GitHub or other online repositories should be one of the highest value markers for any developer. There are other repos out there, but I also like GitHub because it tracks contributions other than just code, such as bug ports and general communication about development projects. It shows how well a person can document and address issues.

Comment Re:CS Fundamentals are important (Score 2) 474

Quick cheat sheets are important. Not everyone can memorize every single library function in every single language they use on a daily basis, even simple functions.

Is it:
or any number of other variations.

As a developer, I'm sure most everyone knows the task they're trying to do (get the length of a string), but there are so many variations of the same function between libraries and languages, that it is often quicker and easier just to search which one is appropriate for the given language, than to simply type each one out and test the code to see which one doesn't bail on execution.

Comment Same (Score 5, Informative) 474

Hi, my name is Vince. I interviewed for Amazon, specifically for their PHP API for AWS development team. Despite an entire background of 10+ years of developing front-facing PHP APIs for other businesses, plus having a major part of my code available for public review on GitHub, I failed their interview process because they wanted me to write a specific type of searching and sorting algorithm, by hand, on white-board. This type of code would never have been used on the job, ever. Yet this is what they interview on. The job was to build a PHP API so PHP developers can call basic PHP functions, and the library would translate them over to HHTPS calls to AWS. All of the complex computing/searching/sorting is handled by the existing AWS services.

Comment Slashdot (Score 2) 99

Slashdot's Meta-Moderation is by no means perfect, but it is a hell of a lot better than 99% of the web sites out there, especially anything that has automated moderation. Don't feel like dealing with assholes? Then don't browse at -1. Odds are someone else with karma has already come along and moderated the assholes into oblivion.

Comment 2FA (Score 1) 82

Almost all major sites I use have both 2FA enabled plus login notifications enabled. *IF* someone attempted to access one of those accounts, even failed attempts, I would have instant notifications. None have appeared for this, or for pretty much all previous leaks for that matter... Guess I'm just "lucky"? Or maybe the hype was simply turned up to 11.

Comment Re:Practical? (Score 5, Interesting) 142

It is all about cost-benefit. CPU speeds continue to get faster, and renting CPU time on cloud providers become cheaper and cheaper.

Why is this significant? There are still major certificate authorities out there with intermediate certificates using SHA-1. Find a collision for these certificates, and you essentially become a new intermediate certificate authority with the ability to issue domain certs for basically anything you want and they'll validate in browsers.

Now thing of government agencies or crime syndicates that could afford the CPU/GPU time to do this. It is a highly practical attack vector now.

Comment Games (Score 1) 130

Since "analysts" keep claiming that phone are replacing consoles and desktops for gaming, let's look at this from a business perspective. That is equivalent to a single video game purchase on another platform. That is virtually nothing at all in comparison to other platforms right now.

Comment Re: The real question is (Score 1) 86

Still using HP LaserJet 2100's in the office I work in, all manufactured in 1998. As of Windows 10, there are STILL official drivers for these things. On top of that, the drivers are the absolute generic "you can print, and nothing more" drivers with no UI what so ever. They just WORK, with zero bullshit. They've all been upgraded with their optional NICs too so now they are network attached, instead of the shitty USB-to-LPT adapters we had ages ago for these. They are simply bullet proof, never failing.

Comment Re:The usual 2 Windows10 questions: (Score 5, Insightful) 74

Win10 Ent is available as a volume license purchase only. I'm in an organization with less than 10 people but are required to be PCI Compliant. Microsoft literally offers 0 versions of Windows 10 that are both compliant and purchased in a small enough quantity for our business.

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