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Comment Bandwidth caps are BULLSHIT (Score 1) 194

Bandwidth caps are BULLSHIT.

On CenturyLink, if you're under 7mbps speed, you get a 300GB cap. Over 7mbps, you get a 600GB cap. Luckily, these are higher than 6 months ago when I signed up, which was at 150GB and 300GB respectively. However, if you're on a 1gbps line, you're uncapped. This is completely arbitrary. So, if 100 users at 5mbps saturated their link non-stop, they would consume 500mbps, and hit their cap pretty damn quick. Whereas a single 1gbps user using only 50% of their capacity can do so endlessly without penalty at all, while consuming exactly the same amount of bandwidth.


Comment Re:The real solution is simple. (Score 1) 109

And to the average user, what you're suggesting is just another "click [OK] to continue" prompt on every web site that'll be ignored due to the commoner's lack of understanding of information security. Plus when you add LetsEncrypts recommendation of expiring certs every 30 days (they max at 90, but recommend replacing them sooner), that means at least once a month users will be prompted for a new cert. Even as an informed user, how can you be reasonably sure the new cert is coming from the intended source and not a MitM attack?

Comment Facebook (Score 3, Insightful) 95

Oddly enough, Facebook has reverted from HTML5 back to Flash for their desktop site. This is highly odd, considering they support video on non-flash-enabled mobile devices. This is extremely frustrating trying to see videos from friends and then be notified I cannot, due to lack of flash, although it worked a month or two ago.

Comment I wouldn't have (Score 1) 122

I personally wouldn't have really changed much. Today, in retrospect, yes, these things are more important. But in the earlier days, adoption was the most important goal of the internet. IPv4 is a relatively easy spec to implement. This goes for routing tables, system administration, hardware support, etc. Yes, the migration to IPv6 is a pain in the ass, but the learning curve for admins and hobbyists as well as the implementation burden on manufacturers some 20-30 years ago simply wouldn't be feasible.

Comment Re: Google: The new AOL (Score 2) 49

Actually, YES, surprisingly. It is still the quickest and easiest way to report and get fixed bugs for countless open-source projects. Said projects have GitHub, JIRA, and other systems in place, but it is usually still significantly faster to just hop onto the dev channel for the project, ping a key developer directly, and get things resolved right on the spot.

Comment Re:Older = Better (Score 2) 234

If you had bothered to read the rest of that statement right here in the summary on slashdot, you'd realize that the "second column of text" is the second chapter. This isn't a case of adding/removing/doctoring text, it is a case of initially they had a single column (chapter) of text visible and through more work managed to reveal the second column (chapter) of text.

Comment Re:Which RAID level? (Score 1) 475

The SSD may not be "a single drive" - Check out the OCZ RevoDrive 3 series. This is an early PCIe SSD. It essentially works by presenting itself as a software RAID solution with 4 separate "SATA" drives, all on the same board. These 4 "drives" are then combined into a single "RAID 0", but again, all on the same board. They did this to break the 6gbps barrier that SATA has, but it requires special drivers to access the card because of it.

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