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Comment Price Point (Score 4, Interesting) 76

For those that didnt RTFA, there is a reason for the high price point of this console.

They are not using emulation like the Retron consoles. This isn't the usual Famiclone either. They sourced actual 30 year old Famicom CPU and Video chips to build this custom unit, then hacked the video chip to connect to a custom HDMI output chip so there is no digital-analog-digital conversion process at all. This is straight digital video right from the original NES video chip right to an HDMI chip without any converters. *THIS* is impressive, to say the least.

If nothing else, this entire unit is actually quite the impressive custom hack of 30 year old hardware.

Comment Centrylink (Score 1) 141

How much of those numbers are outdated? For instance, Centrylink is very aggressively replacing all coper lines with fiber lines in the Pacific Northwest. 8 months ago I could sign up for DSL service through them still. 7 months ago, I couldn't, because they made the switch in my neighborhood to fiber, and now no longer offer anything lower than 40mbps fiber connections with no option at all anymore for DSL. Upon finding this out, I promptly switch from cable (municipal ISP) over to their gigabit fiber, because, well, the local cable ISP is still debating if/when to upgrade their network and moving "at the speed of government"

Comment No Audio (Score 1) 290

I'm working in an office environment right now that wouldn't easily permit me to have audio playing. I can put on headphones, but this adds yet another dependency to audio listening, and I wouldn't have a way to reply to communication easily until I left this area, recorded what I needed to say, return to where the wifi is, then send. This sounds like a massive fucking headache. Plus, device dependency becomes a pain in the ass, too. I regularly switch between multiple desktops, laptops, servers, cell phones, and tablets, all of which are connected to the same gmail account. Reading/replying text is fairly painless on all of these devices, but only a couple of them have the audio capabilities even to begin with to handle voice based messages.

Comment POTS (Score 5, Interesting) 114

Serious question. POTS systems are pretty much standardized world-wide, except for the numbering schemes between various regions around the globe. But right now, I can simply dial a number for virtually any country in the world, and it'll work.

Fragmentation within the video space exists BECAUSE of what Google is doing right now. This isn't their first chat system. It isn't their second. It really isn't even their third system. (Chat, Voice, Hangouts, Google+). If they can't even manage decent interoperability between their own services, how the hell are end users supposed to enjoy this?

Since the POTS networks have been upgraded over the years to include things like CallerID, SMS and HD Audio/VoLTE, why couldn't they just add another universal expansion for a video protocol that can be standardized across the board that any telco and handset manufacturer could get behind? I don't need to worry about having to download an app to be able to call or text someone, why should I have to do the same if the exact same call contains video on top of voice/text?

Comment Excel (Score 1) 671

I'm forced to support an Excel sheet for mass data entry into a web application. The people using the system can barely understand how files are handled in general, so the concept of "save as CSV, then upload to web" is too complicated. There is a built in VBA macro that extracts the current sheet into a new document, uploads it behind the scenes, then triggers the web app to process it. Luckily, XLSX files are just ZIP files with XML files inside. So the worlds shittiest XML parser is used to handle those documents, since I know it doesn't need to meet even 20% of the full XML spec, just enough to handle one single Excel sheet at a time.

Variations of this system have been in place since Excel 2003 ...

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