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Comment Re:Opera (Score 1) 84

My main issue with Vivaldi is performance. I have it on my development machine for casual testing. The in-frame rendering is great, because it is the same Webkit based code as the other browsers, but the UI itself is absolutely sluggishly slow in comparison. Maybe that's been fixed recently, but over the first year of usage with it, that was also an issue on my testing rig.

Comment T-Mobile (Score 4, Insightful) 127

I really fucking hope that T-Mobile doesn't follow in AT&Ts footsteps with this one. This isn't just about old phones. With my Galaxy S5, I will sometimes force it into 2G only mode? "WHY?" might you ask. Well, let me tell ya somethin. Try going to PAX Prime/East, and look at how many high-end cell phones there are in such a small space, all being constantly used by tech savy and data hungry users. 3G/4G networks become extremely unreliable at events like this. However, practically nobody is on the 2G network. Yes, it is slow. But when all you need to do is push out SMS messages to meet up with friends in person, it is seriously a life saver.

Another reason is this. When traveling the country side, there are places that ONLY have 2G networks available, because they're literally in the middle of fucking nowhere. In rural America, 2G antennas are set to their maximum operating distance, because there are no other network towers to compete with. The "cells" become their maximum size. The furthest I've been away from a cell tower and still had 2G coverage was 20 miles up in the Rocky Mountains. These places are too difficult to run wiring to. Entire communities rely upon 2G connectivity for the most basic levels of outside communication, myself being one of them when I lived up there temporarily for a few months.

Good ol "PROGRESS"!

Comment Simple (Score 4, Insightful) 500

It is actually quite simple. From a technical perspective, Windows 10 *IS* more secure than Windows 7 in one very major regard. Edge (Win10 bundled browser) is far superior in both functionality and security compared to Internet Explorer (Win7 bundled browser)


So yes, TECHNICALLY speaking, Windows 10 is "more secure", but nobody is using the insecure parts of Windows 7. Simple as that.

Comment They are full of shit (Score 4, Interesting) 389

GeekSquad is full of shit. Was away on a working vacation (being a remote employee who travels the country and logs in from wherever I happen to be at the time). My laptop died on a trip. Needed it replaced ASAP. Picked up a netbook from BestBuy locally, since shipping one would take too long. They were the only option in town where I happened to be at the time. The power supply on this netbook died in under a week. Took it in to BestBuy to replace the power supply. GeekSquad demanded a $40 "fee" to remove the hard drive from the netbook, and place the hard drive into a new netbook... Again, for a failed power supply, which is external to the netbook to begin with! They simply wouldn't replace the power supply, they claimed they could only replace the entire unit, and had to swap the hard drive. Fucking scammers. So much for the BestBuy "Warranty"

Comment Size Matters (Score 1) 132

"The new display is 1 millimeter thick, and the bezel width has been reduced 0.2 millimeter on the sides and 0.54 millimeter on the bottom compared to the company’s previous QHD LCD."


Comment By actually following through (Score 2) 128

I've been reporting security issues in local businesses that I deal with. One is an ISP that stores and emails users passwords in plain text. Another is a bank exposing credit card numbers in plain text. When I report this shit, I expect actual follow through in fixing them. In the former case, the ISP literally gave me a "not our problem" response, while the bank said they'd contact me back and never did (still need to check to see if this issue has at least been resolved though).

Comment Stats (Score 4, Interesting) 180

Curious to know how they obtain these stats. I personally use a local music library that is played through Foobar2000, so most likely not being tracked at all. And I know I'm not alone in this, either. There are plenty of us NOT using the latest and greatest tracking technologies in our every day lives to do the things we've always been able to do anyways without said tracking technologies, so how do we figure into the stats while simultaneously not being tracked?

Comment Re:Bad design (Score 3, Interesting) 112

This is already easily broken, though. If you're only doing UI overlays on the Z axis as close to the user as possible, just fix position of the element outside of the view frame, such as top:-10000px

A better solution would be to list all fields which will receive input data. Have the browser list out every single field. Inform the user BEFORE the action is taken.

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