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Comment Who looks at the domain anyhow? (Score 1) 147

It's been 3 years or so since I've been in the business of killing spam, but I recall never EVER caring about the domain name that is so easily forged anyhow. I only ever cared about IP addresses. I even wrote some nifty stuff to analyze my SA logs that once an IP had sent me a configurable amount of spam over a configurable score, that I added the IP to my blocklist and wouldn't allow it to even connect to my server. If I saw enough junk from the same subnet, the whole subnet would eventually be blocked. There was also a timeout on these entries, but they became progressively longer the each time they were re-added to the list.

Submission + - Fail Whale Throwing His Weight Around

daringone writes: Not that Twitter being down is huge news, but it's been out pretty much all morning thus far. Reaching an individual page seems possible, but checking your stream from the homepage is toast.

Comment Re:Bye bye marvel... (Score 1) 423

You obviously have more faith in them than I... well, *anyone*, else does. I can already see the ending of X-Men 4 where all the good and evil mutants get together at the end and like each other with the movie ending in a massive 5 minute song about friendship.

Submission + - Automobile engine the size of a basketball (

Trystan365 writes: Revolutionary doesn't begin to cover this. I want one of these retro-fitted into my car right now! This little tiny engine,about the same size as a basketball, has more power than my 3.0 litre engine and can be scaled up to power a freight train or semi-truck. From the main site, "The MYT(TM) Engine has the potential to replace all the existing internal combustion engines and jet engines. With 40 times higher power to weight ratio, low parts count, low maintenance, high mechanical efficienty, and low pollution, the MYT(TM) Engine will benefit airplane, big ship, 18 wheeler, SUV, passenger car, even down to carry on power generator applications. The MYT(TM) Engine as a pump/compressor also exceeds exisiting pumps/compressors in providing massive pressure, volume, and flow, all in one unit."

Make sure you check out the videos located here. This engine can even run on plain old air!

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