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Comment Re:Themes... (Score 1) 452

So what you seem to be saying (trying to read between the lines here) is that you used Linux once for a month or so and didn't like it. I assume this was back about a decade ago based on your very vague criticisms. In the mean time I can set my mom or dad up with it and they are good to go (not terribly computer literate and in their 70s). Even my wife can use Linux just fine and she's still proud that she can "google" and "facebook" and "ebay" so this mythical learning curve can't be that bad.

Comment Re:Wow, 16GB? (Score 1) 40

Bah, you kids and your fancy schmancy 1Gb HDD. My first HDD was 10Mb. Of course, it was an upgrade to the 720kb floppy drive on my Atari ST with the massive 512Kb RAM (later upgraded to 1024Kb by soldering more RAM chips). All of these were big upgrades to tape drives (literally audio cassette drives) - the seek times on those were..... disturbingly long. I still have an old 8088 machine in the corner of my lab with a 20Mb hdd (and an ISA monochrome video card).

Submission + - Saudi Oil Output Down 8%: Choice or Need?

Prof. Goose writes: "The author concludes, after an extensive analysis of a lot of data/charts/graphs that:

* Saudi Arabian oil production is now in decline.
* The decline rate during the first year is very high (8%), akin to decline rates in other places developed with modern horizontal drilling techniques such as the North Sea.
* Declines are rather unlikely to be arrested, and may well accelerate.
* Matt Simmons appears to be right in Twilight in the Desert, but the warning did not come until after declines had actually begun.

I suggest that this is likely to place severe political strains on Saudi Arabia within a year or two at most.
Big (and bad) news."
Data Storage

Submission + - Disk drive failures 15 times what vendors say

jcatcw writes: "A Carnegie Mellon University study indicates that customers are replacing disk drives more frequently than vendor estimates of mean time to failure (MTTF) would require.. The study examined large production systems, including high-performance computing sites and Internet services sites running SCSI, FC and SATA drives. The data sheets for the drives indicated MTTF between 1 and 1.5 million hours. That should mean annual failure rates of 0.88%, annual replacement rates were between 2% and 4%. The study also shows no evidence that Fibre Channel drives are any more reliable than SATA drives."

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