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Submission + - Intel CTO shows off next-gen computing technologies (

darien writes: "Intel CTO Justin Rattner has closed the 2012 Intel Developer Forum with a demonstration of several new technologies that we can expect to see in coming generations of computing devices – including all-digital radio transceiver hardware, gigabit wireless connections and smart network controllers that automatically discard redundant packets."

Submission + - Thunderbolt finally goes optical (

darien writes: "New cables due before Christmas will finally turn the high-speed Thunderbolt bus into a true optical interconnect. Thunderbolt was originally conceived as an optical connection, and was first revealed at the Intel Developer Forum in 2009 under the name “Light Peak”. Since the consumer launch last year, however, Thunderbolt peripherals have had to make do with cheaper copper cables. Now, the first optical connectors are coming."

Submission + - Intel encodes data in flickering LEDs (and shows off other bright ideas) (

darien writes: "On the day before the Intel Developer Forum opens in San Francisco, Intel has been showing off some of its current research projects, including a system for encoding data in apparently steady light sources, a Kinect-based projected "touch interface" that works on any surface and an ambitious signage concept that could revolutionise your weekly shop."

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 577

You're right about it being mostly Windows machines that get malware, but since that's 90% of the client market it remains a near-universal problem. As for your comment about taxes paying for benefits, that's exactly what this would be, the benefit being a reduced incidence of malware and all that it facilitiates (including loss of productivity, spam, phishing and information "theft").

Comment Re:Believe It or Not (Score 1) 202

Did you tell them you weren't signing it? If so, and they agreed, then bully for you. But if you just ignored it and started work as if you had signed it, be warned that a judge could rule that you implicitly agreed to it. After all, nothing other than your agreement to your terms of employment entitles you to draw a salary.

Comment Re:Vista's share doesn't matter (Score 2, Insightful) 332

Windows 7 forces me to use the retarded new start menu and the retarded new task bar

No it doesn't: if you right-click on the Windows 7 start button / taskbar, you can select "properties" and revert to Vista-style behaviour.

There's a surprising number of Anonymous Cowards spreading falsehoods about Windows 7 in this thread...

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