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Submission + - Ancient Stone Age Toy Car on Display in Turkey (

darenw writes: "It's not exactly proof that Fred Flintstone and family were real, but this artifact now on display in Turkey is made of stone and does resemble a car (or tractor) and is dated from the late stone age, 7500 years ago. Also found in the area were whistles and dolls. Perhaps a tiny stone toy GPS unit will be discovered next? Or maybe the artifact is a roller skate for a small strange foot?"

Submission + - Solutions to People-name Overloading?

darenw writes: "I started wondering when I received a weird phone call about 15 years ago. The guy was saying things that made no sense. "This *is* Daren, right?" he asked. "Yeah" I say. "Daren Wilson?" Yup, I confirmed. It took a minute to realize he wanted to call another Daren Wilson, not me. Maybe with two Rs in the name, I don't know.

Just a minute ago I was websurfing and found mention of "The Non-Designer's Presentation Book" by Robin Williams. The actor? No, this is a different person. This example is interesting in that one's female and the other male.

When pop singer Michael Jackson died in 2009, some beer aficionados wondered — again? Didn't he pass away, what, two years ago? Oh, I see, the pop singer. Sad, too...

I knew a guy in high school named Steve Wozniak. No, not that one.

There are more fine examples you can dredge up with an easy Google effort. Almost every one of use has Googled our own name, with or without minor spelling variations, to find strange people out there that you'd prefer not be sharing a name with. Or maybe you would. Maybe someone already took your name as their own domain name.

This is what hitmen are for... Kidding! Really, what amusing or troublesome experiences have you had with same-named others, and what do you think are good ways to avoid confusion in the future?

Routinely add town of birth or residence, as depicted in literature and films set in past-centuries Europe? "John Smith of Piddlesville." Some towns have multiple John Smiths. If that town is Athens, is it Georgia or Greece? Perhaps multiple names strung together as illustrated in a certain Monty Python skit? (Maybe not _that_ many.) Numbers as already done online — jane2345974 — as official legal names? Hmmm....

True, this isn't directly a technology question, but _is_ a matter of information science, and relevant to databases, enterprise computing and anything involving the internet. The crowd of high IQ geeks here are qualified to consider this issue, and with unique viewpoints."

Submission + - Layoffs at EA (

darenw writes: "EA Tiburon, maker of some very popular sports video games, and in and industry often said to be fairly recession-proof as financially struggling people seek entertainment and escapism, will be laying off people. "Today we hear that Mariam Sughayer, senior manager of corporate communications for Electronic Arts, and the person often quoted in official responses to rumors about cuts was herself laid-off today. Her position eliminated." ( Darn it, and i was looking for fresh pixel-pushing work..."

Submission + - New ring discovered around Saturn

darenw writes: "Not everyday does mankind learn of a previously unknown ring around Saturn. Recent photos from Cassini, taken at high phase angle (pointing the camera almost toward the sun) from the protection of Saturn's shadow, show a new faint ring co-orbital with Janus and Epimetheus. Other photos show Enceladus adding to and stirring up material in the E ring. Home planet Earth appears as a small spot in a few of these images. Photos, captions and press release at CICLOPS."

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