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Comment Re:talk about crappy risk assessment (Score 1) 490

Or perhaps the fact that if this did ever occur, the same people lambasting the procurement of the anti-missile systems would be screaming why they weren't installed?
I agree with you that the loss of life is disproportionate to the extreme but also the damage such a strike would give to the confidence of our air system could render half the airlines bankrupt.

Too much is driven by "how it appears" but the same people would be screaming if we did nothing and it occured, and if we did everything and nothing ever happened.
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Journal Journal: Religious Inspiration / Rant

Unless we choose not to pursue God itself, but rather through the experiences of our lives and the justness of our actions, we find solace that whatever higher being or force exists in the universe that we have done what is possible to us. Not rather seek to understand It in a manner of which one religion would see as better or force it upon others.

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Journal Journal: Boy was I a moron

Just realized that long ago I posted a comment that Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-Eject or power key wouldn't shut down a Mac... why didn't anyone correct me? I realized this pry a month afterward but had forgotten about my post... what kinda Apple Certified Tech am I?

So I found the Journal section... don't expect regular updates as I've become bitter towards online journals (But don't stop em). And if you call this a blog... I will throttle you in your sleep.

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