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Journal daquake's Journal: Delicious App! 1

Those of you who know me know my feelings about Delicious Library, ( ). Such a kick ass addition to anyone with an interest in keeping track of their goods. Now, not to be outdone, a developer as released DelicWeb, ( ). It creates a WebArchive based on ytour libraries, and it kicks ass. You can see mine at: . Back at work and it looks like we're ramping up for work on: Locusts (CBS), Desperation (ABC), 24 (Fox), Untitled Dinosaur Disaster Project (CBS), Into the West (ABC), and we're continuing with the Lucy Restoration and Mountain work. Keep it real, folks.
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Delicious App!

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  • Argh, correction... the app needs work with the HTML coding... of course my site is broken. Hopefully I can have this fixed momentarily, until then, continue your mocking of me.

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