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Comment Loopholes for corporations? NEVER! (Score -1) 323

I'm shocked. Shocked and surprised. Surprised and confounded. Come on people ... this is the US. Who honestly believes a corporation will be held accountable for wreaking havoc on the environment? What's the environment done for us anyway? It's all about JOBS! Jobs and bribes. Bribes and revolving doors between government and business.

Comment Trollbait (Score -1) 355

Seriously? Even Microsoft have abandoned C#. They're now pushing HTML5 and Javascript. Yes yes, there are some legacy apps out there written in C#. Good for them ... they can figure out how to migrate to a language with a guarantee of long-term support, development, etc. As for Linux developers, there are plenty of languages without the baggage and threat of legal issues from a convicted monopolist.

Comment Postgres to Netezza (Score -1) 147

I'd push Postgresql to its limits, with an "impressively spec'd" machine ( ie > 100GB RAM, SSDs ) before purchasing anything else. This is more than enough for most people who think they need a data warehouse appliance. From there, I'd switch to Netezza, for a number of reasons, including Netezza being based on Postgresql ( so the porting effort is not *too* large ). It's also a LOT cheaper than other data warehouse appliances. The hardware is very impressive, and it's very simple to use and optimise. As for ETL tools, I avoid pre-packaged ETL tools like the plague. Roll something yourself - it's not that hard. If you're after some professional consultants, I work in this field. My blog: ... which has details of getting the ( free ) Netezza emulator VM working on Linux. My employer: ... we have an ETL framework that targets Netezza ( amongst other DBs ).

Comment Perl + Gtk3, baby :) (Score -1) 281

I've been building open-source classes for Forms, Datasheets, and Reports for many years now. Check out my stuff on CPAN: I primarily use Gtk+ and Perl. The libraries on CPAN use Gtk2, but I've got Gtk3 ports ready to release now. The amazing advantage to moving to Gtk3 for me is the 'broadway' HTML5 backend. Email me @ and I'd be happy to work with you on this.

Comment Wrong in so many ways (Score -1) 337

- We live in a 4-dimensional universe, NOT a 3-dimensional one. Perhaps someone is forgetting time??? - A hypersphere is a 4-dimensional sphere, not a 3-dimensional one. Also the idea that 'space is expanding' is absurd ( and this study perpetuates this idea by claiming they've discovered an explanation for it ). Space is not absolute; it's relative. To say that space is 'expanding' in this context means nothing. The RELATIVE distances of objects to each other may be changing. This is not the same thing as space expanding. Is there something *beyond* the furthest reach of space, that space is now approaching? It's a ridiculous thing to say.

Comment Re:Not looking for organic produce to be better (Score 0, Interesting) 305

Why the hell would anyone buy organic produce from China? People who choose organic are also usually choosing local produce, for similar reasons ( environmental impact ). Certainly I only buy local ( when I can't source the food from my own organic garden ).

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