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Comment Re:Now lets see. (Score 1) 1317

I decried this concentration of power in every presidency going back to Reagan. What I have learned is that nothing will dissuade the American public and their elected officials from charging headlong toward their own destruction. "Measured," "reasoned," "forethought," and "circumspect" have no application to the American political beast.

Comment Re: Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1317

EXACTLY! The fact that there are people that label themselves as "Democrats" and/or "Republicans" is the whole problem. I have never been able to understand the motivation of people to surrender their individuality and their identity as an American citizen to a party. Especially considering these parties obviously have a long list of people and institutions they are indebted and beholden to and who must be catered to before the problems and needs of the citizen are addressed.

Even worse, these people use their self determined position as a party member to make enemies of other Americans. All they need to hear is some inclination that someone is of a different party and they suddenly become sub-human.

In my carefully considered opinion, if you declare yourself as a democrat or republican, and you aren't one of the propagandist ring leaders that is elected to office on that ticket, you are the problem with America. Your mind is compromised and your partisanship completely obscures your rational judgement. You are a pre-emotional creature without access to the necessary logic and understanding that allows you to behave like a human should.

Comment Re:Not hard to see why (Score 1) 365

No the ones with active glasses got MUCH better. mine has a 240 hz refresh and there is no ghosting and no perceivable dimming. The passive glasses suck because of the half-height resolution.

as far as not needing glasses... you do know how binocular vision works, right? The only FMV non-glasses technology that I'm aware of is on the 3DS, and that requires an eye tracking camera. There's no way a tech like that can work for multiple people.

Comment Re:3D was a thing? (Score 1) 365

I still wear glasses. You can only get the laser operation once, so I'm waiting until I need it.

Sorry it's so easy to dissuade you from using a technology. The glasses for my current TV are lighter than my prescription glasses.

Nothing is further from my mind when I'm watching something in my own home than "oh no. I look silly"

Comment If nothing happens it becomes negative feedback (Score 1) 161

Trump says X, traders jump on positions that would benefit from X to try and get out in front. However other than the speculative betting there isn't much movement. Then X doesn't happen, so there is no long term movement. The traders disengage from their positions trying to take as little loss as possible.

This happens over and over and more will learn that acting just loses you money. It's why markets don't do fuck-all in response to Alex Jones. It isn't like his message isn't out there for the world to see, and actually more widely watched than I can fathom, but they don't believe anything will happen based on it so trying to get a first mover advantage can't happen.

You only gain an advantage by getting in first if the move happens. If it doesn't, at best maybe you can get out without a loss but usually you are going to take a hit to some degree. Thus you act only on those things that are likely to generate a move.

Traditionally, things the president said would qualify. However Trump is anything but traditional. He shoots his mouth off all the time, regularly contradicts himself, and changes his mind often.

Comment Well with the "elite" schools it is often not that (Score 4, Insightful) 304

For a regular school, particularly state school, then yes it gets stacked a lot by test scores and other academic indicators. The better you do academically, the more they are interested in you and the more money they'll try to give you to get you to attend.

However the "elite" schools have a whole bunch of good old boy shit going on. If you look at admissions in to places like Harvard you find that there are some legitimately top performers who come in, but a whole lot who are not and are instead connected some way. They are kids of alums, politically connected, rich, whatever. They are the "right kind of people" and so get the invite.

That's also the reason why parents want kids to go there is the connections. You don't get a better education at Harvard overall. Any university with a good program will do at least as well, and in plenty of disciplines there are schools ranked far better. However it further gets you in to the old boys club and gets you connections to people that gets your opportunities that would not otherwise be available later in life.

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