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Journal Journal: Transferral.

Attempting to transfer out from my current, close to home University for the next academic year. Only able to do this now my CFS/ME has calmed down. However, problems arising through the increase applications seen this year. I blame Mandy for reducing University funding. Well, that and the fact I'm applying to transfer into the English department, yes, humanities, yes I know I know, Starbucks job inc after graduation, which is one of the most highly sought after departments.
Eh, per aspera

Comment But what about (Score 1) 184

Well death of the author and all that, and it's an interesting idea, but I can't really see how this holds weight. It just seems as though the paper is reading far too much into this, and I'm saying this after just writing a paper on psychoanalysis..

Comment Exposure. (Score 1) 423

The experience of it amongst people I know has differed greatly. I've had it, was very ill for 3 days, then mildly ill for two weeks. Others I know that have had it have been barely affected beyond a sniffle. Meanwhile, exposure is tricky. I've been around numerous diagnosed people for weeks and not caught it. The time I ended up catching it was when I was out of the country (from Uk, went to Italy)

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