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Comment Mileage - pinch of salt (Score 4, Interesting) 113

Those mileage figures need to be taken with a huge pinch of salt. Based on my own experience with my 70D (my real world range estimate = 200 miles) I estimate a 100D would have a range of around 285 miles. Which is still excellent.

I think 381 miles will only be possible driving 30mph on a flat road with no wind.

Comment Re: Sensors wrong (Score 1) 460

How can you be so sure? This scenario could have been coded for. Software could have handled it better.

In this TED talk it's demonstrated how the software controlling a quadcopters could figure out an innovative new way to fly even with two of its propellers removed.

I'm not sure a human operator could have done that.

Comment Possible fix - multi-browser engine app? (Score 1) 614

There should be a simple fix for the specific IE version issue. It's possible to run multiple IE browser engines on the same OS as there's an app that does this already (IETester).

It should be possible to create a piece of software - if one doesn't already exist - a web browser that is designed for enterprise use and allows the IT department to specify different browser engines for different sites.

That outdated internal application could be configured to use the IE6 engine - other newer applications and external websites could use newer IE engines or another engine entirely such as WebKit.

It could be rolled out by replacing 'iexplore.exe' and assuming the interface was very close to Internet Explorer it could even be transparent to users and thus very easy to roll out.

Comment Re:Parsing user agent strings = bad. (Score 1) 252

In my view these are both examples of the bad practice I mentioned in my post.

Your first example requires a continually maintained list of phone browser user agents. The second example, a list of search engine user agents. There are a vast number of devices and browsers and you're unlikely to stay on top of this list.

Creating a unique table row for every visitor to your site isn't the best application design for the reason you point out - a browser without cookies is going to add a new row with each access. My approach would be to generate a session key but store that in a cookie only, with session related data stored only as necessary (e.g. basket rows). Search engines are unlikely to POST so you won't get any basket rows from them (if you're adding to a basket via GET then you will have other issues).

Comment Parsing user agent strings = bad. (Score 4, Interesting) 252

I've been developing web applications full time since 1996 and I've never once had to resort to browser detection via user agent strings. It's just bad practice.

The fact that some people have been doing this has led to the very convoluted user agent strings we see today, rather than a simple description of the browser / rendering engine and version.

It's perfectly possible to write code that works cross-browser without having to detect browsers via user agent strings. The closest I've come to any sort of browser specific code is occasionally including IE specific CSS to work around IE bugs, but this included in an IE specific way and is ignored by other browsers.

A browser vendor should be able to put whatever they like in the user agent string, and if that breaks a web site or application, then so be it. It's the fault of the developer for making assumptions.

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