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Comment Shotgun's real (Score 1) 1141

I work for a fiber optic cable company as a design engineer, there is a specific test that calls out hitting a cable with a certain shotgun load from a certain distance just to address this issue. I don't think it is a FOTP, maybe JIS, but the guys in the lab that used to do the testing really enjoyed it.

Submission + - Web Delivery of Content with Expiration?

dangineer writes: Long time reader, first time questioner.

I have a demand for delivery of web content, mostly flash presentation to a paying audience. I need to deliver through the web and have considered writing my own php/MySQL application for doing this, have done some low level stuff like this in the past with good success. But, after reading all the SQL injection attack stories etc. I am convinced that the jackleg applications I have written in the past are not primetime ready for delivering something with the upmost reliability.

Having bought docs online from standards orgs and other places I see they use delivery through obscurity with some expiring URL with a long random string. My options are to manually generate the string, load the content to the string directory, delete directory in 30 days or whatever...but is there a better way? Something safe in the GPL CMS space for this?

P.S. I am poor.

Comment Re:Um, Duh! (Score 1) 404

The entire point of advertising is to get you to desire something you never wanted in the first place. Always has been, the media is different, but the methods and motives are the same. Nothing new here except the tracking.

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