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United States

Submission + - 57 mpg? That's so 20 years ago 6

maclizard writes: "I wish my car got 57 miles to the gallon.

From the article:
'The CRX HF got an Environmental Protection Agency-estimated 57 mpg gallon in highway driving. Today, the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid Civic you can buy gets an EPA-estimated 34 mpg on the highway. Even today's Honda Civic Hybrid can't match it, achieving EPA-estimated highway mileage of just 45 mpg. The Toyota Prius, today's fuel mileage champ, gets 46 mpg on the highway.'"

Journal Journal: OpenBSD: GPL violator?

Michael Buesch, lead developer of the Linux driver for Broadcom's wifi chipset (bcm43xx), stumbled across copied code in the OpenBSD's bcw driver earlier this week. The problem is that the bcm43xx linux driver uses a GPL license. OpenBSD inadvertently makes that linux code available to be used in a proprietary manner, by virtue of its BSD license (and not giving proper attribution where due).

Wireless Networking

Submission + - OpenBSD bcw: Possible GPL Violation Issues

oldr00tic writes: "I, Michael Buesch, am one of the maintainers of the GPL'd Linux wireless LAN driver for the Broadcom chip (bcm43xx). The Copyright holders of bcm43xx (which includes me) want to talk to you, OpenBSD bcw developers, about possible GPL license and therefore copyright violations in your bcw driver. We believe that you might have directly copied code out of bcm43xx (licensed under GPL v2), without our explicit permission, into bcw (licensed under BSD license). — http://www.osnews.com/story.php/17644/OpenBSD-bcw- Possible-GPL-Violation-Issues"
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - MacPro Eight Core with 2 Processors

rjpotts writes: "Apple just updated their site and added the Eight Core MacPro to the line up. Supports two Quad Core Intel Xeons running at 3GHz. Here's the link to the web site for the MacPro"

Submission + - EMI will sell DRM-free music through iTunes

caffeine_monkey writes: "That anticipated announcement by EMI and Steve Jobs turned out not to be about the Beatles, but that the iTunes store is now going to sell DRM-free music from the EMI catalog. In addition, the files will be "twice the sound quality" (presumably 256 kbps AAC). There will be price premium for single songs purchased — $1.29 per song, although whole albums will stay the same price and be DRM-free. Already purchased tracks can be upgraded for $0.30 per track. From the press release: "Protecting the intellectual property of EMI and our artists is as important as ever, and we will continue to work to fight piracy in all its forms and to educate consumers. We believe that fans will be excited by the flexibility that DRM-free formats provide, and will see this as an incentive to purchase more of our artists' music.""

Submission + - Riding the Tesla Roadster

DigitalDame2 writes: "Due on the market this fall at a price of $92,000, the Tesla Roadster is powered by the same lithium-ion battery cells that drive the average laptop or smartphone, and you can charge it from an ordinary wall socket. Although PCMag's Cade Metz wasn't allowed to drive one, he did have the chance to ride in the passenger seat. Just how fast is it? It does zero to 60 mph in about 4 seconds. Plus, the dream car reaches 100 percent torque from the instant it starts forward. You don't wait even a moment for that acceleration to kick in! Check out over 50 images of the Tesla electric car, but wipe your drool!"
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Torvalds 'Pretty Pleased' with GPLv3

eldavojohn writes: "Linus Torvalds has announced that he's 'pretty pleased' with the latest release of the GPLv3. He seemed to be pleased that it "reads better, and some of the worst horrors have been removed entirely." His GPLv3 concerns arose from the Free Software Foundations fears of companies using software under this license along with DRM which caused earlier drafts of the GPLv3 to be structured so that some GPLv2 licensed software would not be compatible with the new version. Torvalds still did not confirm whether he would move the Linux kernel to GPLv3 however, he did say that "The 'we control not just the software, but also the hardware it runs on' parts still drive me up the wall because I think they are so fundamentally broken. But the new draft at least limits it to a much saner subset and makes it clearer too. Unlike the earlier drafts, it at least seems to not sully the good name of the GPL any more.""

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