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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: Good Job Not Updating That One, Borders 1

I just saw a banner ad (maybe here, maybe somewhere else) for Borders. Of course many of us recall that not long ago they closed down a large number of their retail stores, and I am one of many who no longer has a Borders within a few hours drive.

But when I saw the banner ad, I figured what the hell, I'll look and see where the closest Borders is now. So I checked the Borders store locator and typed in my zip code.

Much to my surprise, the closest location that was provided was the one out here that has been closed for many months now. In fact, it's been closed long enough that the space was split and someone has moved in to part of it. I think the people running the new business there would be surprised to hear that they are apparently now running a Borders book store instead of their previous business model.

I noticed by entering other zip codes that there are some geographic areas updated, and others not. Apparently they think some people are more worthy of accurate information than others?


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Good Job Not Updating That One, Borders

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