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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: Make Your Freaks Into Your Fans 2

One of my very first freaks was bmetzler, who foe'd me the same day as pudge (back in October 2008). Then today I saw a surprising message:

bmetzler (12546) has made you their friend.

If you'd like to, view or edit your friends and foes.

I see also that bmetzler's foes list is now only two people long. Looking back to the same journal entry where I observed bmetzler foe'ing me, I started with a mere four freaks back then - and of those three, only two have kept me on their foes list to this day.

However bmetzler is to the best of my knowledge the only of my freaks to add add themselves to my fans list. Cheers, friend.

Update: In the name of fair disclosure I do not know why this person chose to move me from their foes list to their friends list.

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Make Your Freaks Into Your Fans

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  • by bmetzler ( 12546 )
    Hi, I'm glad you noticed.
    • Yes, I generally read the "relationship change" notices that slashdot sends me here. I don't pretend to understand what drives people to do what they do in relationships, though I frequently write journal entries regarding those changes.

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