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Comment GOML. (Score 1, Informative) 478

Hey Gamer Gate -supporters-.

I'm a 44 year old white male gamer. And I do NOT support your mess. You don't just affect a couple of younger women when you act like asses. You affect entire groups. If all of the rest of this is TLDR; then so be it ... but understand that grown ups don't support your crap and you DIDN'T create this genre.

FWIW, I was downloading Doom on floppies before most of the "Gamer Gate" jerks were born. I was playing MUDs and MOOs before most of the people on /. in general had ever heard of the Internet (and I was on /. long before most of the people in this conversation). I was emailing co-workers via SMTP at other TV stations before Internet Service Providers existed (normally you'd insert email during college before ISPs but I mostly skipped college due to the nascent Internet allowing me to build a couple of careers with the knowledge I had self-taught before classes in such things existed).

I built many years of great income out of that self-knowledge and I still gamed. I was injured and ended up disabled. But ... I still play games.

However I rarely talk about gaming anymore. And I have to specifically avoid some games, or at least some servers, to avoid the worst of the worst. These days I am truly reluctant to even admit playing newer games due to Gamer Gate idiocy.

When I'm playing an MMO that has younger, usually male, voices on our raid server I use HEADPHONEs. Not because I care about not sending speaker feedback, my system is better than that, but because I get flat out embarrassed by some of the crap people say both jokingly (but with them often still agreeing with it and hiding it as humor) as well as matter-of-factly. I don't need my wife or our housemates hearing that crap.

Don't like SJWs? Well, as frustrating as it can be when someone fights microaggressions instead of getting to the core problem, the people supporting Gamer Gate (or who are part of the culture and support its basic morals by not disagreeing when someone who is vocally supporting them lashes out) CREATED many SJWs. Both sides have become so polarized that nothing good is getting done.

Good on SXSW for realizing that they allowed themselves to be bullied ... and by being bullied and canceling those events showed complacency towards a group who takes that as encouragement. But damnit SXSW ... this isn't new. It has been around for long enough that you should have known better to begin with. Had you stuck to your morals in the first place this would already be in a better place.

If there was a good way for an older gamer to show a younger gamer the reasons why they are wrong and how badly it is going to affect their own lives once they've fully grown up, I would. But there really isn't. Yeah, I can stop gaming with a few people and explain why (which I've done)... or if I'm leading the gaming group I can punt you when you refuse to shape up (also done) ... but that just forces those people to go play with people who are even worse about this. So these days online I just ignore it and casually bring up alternative views later on. Some people see it, some people don't. Some people improve, some people won't. But I'm not your father and gaming isn't the real world. You need to get out into the real world and start realizing how hateful and hurtful your actions are.

Get of my gaming lawn. Believe it or not you WEREN'T here first and the people who were are sick of this.

There was a time when the rest of the gaming population could stand geeky-proud about our gaming. Now we avoid even mentioning it because we DON'T want to be in the middle of this mess. If you don't like the way people are attacking you back then realizing they're reacting to you. If you get a kick out of it then you really are the problem. Cut it out. Grow up.

Comment Re: Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 928

As a man I'll take issue with that. Some of us actually prefer a civil work environment as well. This isn't about men vs. women. It is people who never learned how to hold back when they're about to be an asshole vs people who realize they can do better things with their time. There's always a middle ground, but based on her work history I'd say she gave it a shot but others never matured.

Linus and other kernel devs have done some really damned cool things. But they also got really lucky getting to stake out a place where they don't have to give a shit about basic workplace behaviors. Too bad they didn't decide to grow up a bit more because I think Linux would have gone much larger places by now had the childishness of key people not turned off many other people from jumping into development.

Comment Re: Oh, they're a big company, (Score 1) 527

I installed win 10 Pro as an upgrade last week from 7 Ultimate. Then I did a clean install after just to be as meticulous as possible. I don't know whether the office 365 ad was in the first round after upgrading, but I guarantee it's there on the fresh install.

I fresh installed with as many of the privacy options disabled as initial setup allows. Office 365 notification ad still appeared. I was able to go into notification preferences and disable the notification later on. Not a big deal but yes, it is done in a way many normal users won't quickly find. And I do have the "get Skype" apps.

Did you ever do a fresh install of final version or just upgrades? I wouldn't be surprised to find that they never would have shown if I'd just done the upgrade and not nuked it after for a fresh install.

Comment Re:How do I upgrade? (Score 1) 142

Kernel is still a major gating factor in many cases, so while they "only" support kernel/X rolling updates, that's substantial and means the post above yours was correct-enough to be valid for the post it responded to.

Comment Re: Optimizing for technical over people skills (Score 1) 182

Soft skills would be much harder for them to determine via automated systems. This is their way of skimming for a few specific skill sets and obviously is not the only way to apply for a job at Google. Given that of the 4 Google employees (past+present) I know personally 3 of them would have fallen into a soft skill set by my connotation (able to grasp new things quickly but not necessarily deep dive level on most of them) ... this likely isn't a predominant method of recruiting for them.

Comment Re:First World Problems (Score 5, Informative) 154

To "First World Problems" ... for enough people for it to matter, this isn't a first world problem any more than coding is a first world job (and these days it isn't). As someone with hereditary back issues since my teens that, after 25 years of pain and bad surgeries with severe complications, I am now on disability. I wouldn't have made it 25 years without an extreme ergonomic solution that I paid for out-of-pocket because until recently employers didn't recognize that even "ergo chairs" aren't enough.

For the original question ... you're probably not as bad off as I was. But if you're getting close you have a few solutions depending on how much you can spend (or get expensed). If you're not looking for this level of solution, hopefully the article attracted someone who did.

* Not a recliner, but for helping your back similar to how an exercise ball does but with more support for long coding, I have used a "SwingSeat" at my desk for a decade or more ( This was good enough to get me by until the last round of surgery (which was actually a success) made it too hard to sit upright all day.

* A "Zero G" chair, like the ones by Human Touch (I use a Human Touch Perfect Chair), a bit pricey but not awful. Combined with a laptop table that can raise and angle the laptop you can actually do the vast majority of your work from a completely reclined position.

* For a desk, rather than reclining all the time, I assembled a custom desk from Anthro using their Console line that has a tray that can raise and pivot from sitting to reclining (which actually needs to be raised higher than sitting) to standing (great for those of you who don't have partial leg paralysis, good for me on rare occasions). The desk is HUGE but dang, it does everything. It is the Console with full pole extensions bringing it to almost 6' with monitors on a shelf 8" higher than the shelf that hosts the keyboard tray. Which means the monitors can raise up to standing position as well. I can, if I use a trackpad to avoid mouse problems, use this in combination with the Perfect Chair as a rigged solution similar to the next one.

* I couldn't afford this, or at least I could have before I needed it, but can't now. But if you can, the desks from ErgoQuest are perfect. And some of them are inexpensive enough to be not tooooo awful on the budget (if I had the money I spent on the SwingSeat, Anthro Console and Perfect Chair I could afford an ErgoQuest). You can -sometimes- find these on Ebay but not usually from someone willing to ship and often not for significantly less than having the right one built to your specs.

Comment My sense (Score 1) 536

My sense is that the MEAN Stack (Mongo, Express, AngularJS, Node) is sort of winning. There's some packaging of it over at

Personally, I'm really getting interested in Meteor ( Watch the videos, and realize I saw a smart non-coder go from zero to *ridiculously* interactive site design in three months.

Comment Re:Will those patches actually WORK? (Score 1) 322

And given that most of the people I know who have a machine still stuck on XP are using them for things that the POS version was built for (but before it was made available), this hits the exact audience Microsoft intended for POS. Not all vendors are willing to update to POS, and not all businesses can realistically rebuild their own systems and reinstall everything (or even have license to). This is the lesser of the two evils (use updates for a different version of Windows or have your embedded/POS/industrial PC vulnerable to attack). I strongly doubt Microsoft will go after anyone for this except possibly -vendors- who do the hack commercially. They may find a way around it and stop it from working, but they're not going to go after consumers if the consumer has a valid XP license. If they don't have a valid XP license, they're already breaking bigger laws, and MS would have gone after them if they could anyway.

Comment Re:Books to read (Score 1) 352

Thanks for a good thread to the OP and reply from you :)

I'm recently on disability and plan to use what time I can sit at a desk to be the back-end programmer for my wife's web site (she has a brick and mortar art gallery, so online presence is important but not a full time or even regular part time job). I spent a few years hacking Perl scripts up for web sites in the 90s but since then let what little I have self-taught rot in my brain. This subject is one I was ready to post, but in the vein of purely unpaid hobby work. It will be useful

User Journal

Journal Journal: OMG 7

I havent been here for years!


Comment It's because Python 3 is broken. (Score 2) 432

No really.

I took a pass at Python 3 a while back. The amount of hoops I needed to jump through, to deal with compilation errors around Unicode handling, was terrifying. It was simply a poor user experience.

Python 2.7 just works. Sure, it's a nightmare past a certain scale point. But until you get into the dregs of OO it really is executable pseudocode.

Python 3 is some other language that lost that property.

The big problem is that we don't ship languages with telemetry that reports when they fail to work. So things that are completely obvious to outsiders never make it to inner circles. Not that I can really see any way for Python 3 to mend its errors.

Comment Re:Tiniest violin (Score 1) 292

Minor counterpoint: I've had a couple of OCZ SSDs. Both are 2 years old and still running smoothly. However I -did- have issues with them reformatting themselves randomly when they first came out until I found a firmware patch for them. Since then no worries.

However, there are plenty of manufacturers out there. One disappearing isn't really going to affect anyone but their stock holders and employees.

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