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Comment Re: waterways (Score 1) 280


Open waters event will take place in a beach with the entire ocean in front of it. The water is constantly circulating and any material is quickly dispersed in the ocean. Millions of people go to that beach every year, it far from anything like swage.

Sailing and rowing i believe are in a bay where water isn't renovated that much. Any piece of trash just stays there for a long time...

Comment Re:athletes and tourists are at risk of getting il (Score 1) 280

It is not like there is no tourism and business travelers already all year long... The olympic games will not have any significant impact in the distribution of any disease...

News flash to some idiot creatures from the "developed world" lurking the internet. Most of this tropical diseases are mosquito-borne (Malaria, Dengue fever...) and mosquitos hate cold weather. So unless we don't put a hold on global warming you will never, and had never before, had this mosquitos in your country...

Comment Re:One thing I don't understand (Score 1) 247

What is the problem? You probably can even host the winter olympics during the summer in some places, it would be harder but still possible i think.

The "summer" games is much easier, they can happen any time given you have stadiums with a roof to avoid snow if that happens in that city. Given the average temperatures in Rio, i'm sure it could be the coldest winter in 100 years and it wouldn't be a problem to any competition taking place.

Pretty much the same happened in 2000, the games in Sidney were on September...

Comment Re:Rhetorical... (Score 1) 247

Lies Nidi62, lies... there are pictures everywhere of the problems mentioned, like clogged drains, dirty floor or windows... too much drama for me but OK, they had a reason for that.

"things that haven't happened yet, but will". lol, what if the power goes out one night? The power went out during the superbowl recently, isn't that true? I didn't see anyone reporting how crap that place was because the power went out for a few minutes. I don't remember any power failure during the WC in Brazil...

You people think because a place has poverty than EVERYTHING must be crap. People should actually experience a day in a developing country to wake up from all the bad things the media throws at them.

"Don't go to Brazil, you'll get a exotic disease and lose a liver to some drug lord. And they can't control their own crimes, i'm sure terrorists will wander free there. Here, go to France instead to see the UEFA Cup. Don't mind the terrorist attacks that just took place, i'm sure they will be able to stop any terrorist attempts."
And Australia returned to the village today, sure there were some problems but it is not cataclysmic like most people think.

Comment Re:"Blocked". What does "blocked" mean in this cas (Score 1) 110

From the article:
"Telefonica Brasil SA" - Land (fiber/dsl) and Mobile lines, check.
"America Movil SAB's Claro - Land (cable) and Mobile lines, check
"TIM Participacoes SA" - Land (dsl/fiber) and Mobile lines, check.
"Oi SA" - Land (dsl/fiber) and Mobile lines, check
"Nextel Participacoes SA" - mobile only

That probably covers over 95% of residential and a little less of commercial connections in Brazil.

So there is no point in trying to use 3G/4G or your land/wifi connection, you'll have close to no one to talk to.

Comment Lastpass (Score 1) 60

Or just start using Lastpass...

TBH i didn't get how this software works. You type the password and it checks it against a few sites? Thats it? That would be incredibly ineffective...

I have over 100 sites and passwords on my Lastpass Vault and it can tell me where and what passwords are currently being reused.

Comment Re:Shouldn't others have a say? (Score 1) 147

In about 3 months Rio had 25 000 cases of Zika virus. Thats 278 cases a day.
278 is 0.0017% of a population of 16 millions.
Add 500k tourists and your chance of getting Zika is even lower... the chance of a international visitor getting Zika must be infinitesimal.

Zika is only a topic in Rio among people planning on having kids or pregnant woman, i don't see any other group of people taking any extra precautions because of Zika.

Temperatures are already going down, and although it will not go much lower during the winter it is enough to significantly lower the number of mosquitos. It has always been like this with dengue fever, big numbers during the summer, MUCH lower during winter, and since its the same mosquito it will also happen with Zika.

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