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Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Wookie succumbs to Dark Side in Hollywood

daeley writes: "It wouldnt be a day in Hollywood without at least one wonderfully odd thing happening.

Ersatz Chewbacca succumbs to dark side

A street performer dressed as Chewbacca from Star Wars apparently succumbed to the dark side when he allegedly head-butted a tour guide operator in front of Graumans Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles police said today.

I guess the tour guide operator never heard that you always let the wookie win. Oh, it gets better.

The lesson here is you can have the force with you, [LAPD Spokesdroid Lt. Paul] Vernon said. You just cant use illegal force.


Submission + - Condors and Pigeons and the 21st Century

daeley writes: "Two geeky bird-related science items in the news. First up, this awesome story in the LA Times, "Large bird, small boy, big news"

Like any good bird-lover, Gabriel Gottfried knew what to do when he spied the huge creature perched on a tree branch outside his Topanga Canyon home. He grabbed his camera to document what experts say may be the first California condor to fly the canyon's skies in more than 100 years. His action photo of the elusive bird taking wing was remarkable enough. But perhaps not as remarkable as the fact that Gabriel is 5 years old....
Way to go, Gabe! Next up, a headline from National Geographic that is so thoroughly rooted in the 21st Century, it'll make your head spin: "GPS-Equipped Pigeons Enlisted as Pollution Bloggers"

If pigeons wrote their own blogs, they might talk about where to score breadcrumbs or find prime roosting spots. Now, with the help of tiny high-tech backpacks, pigeons really have become bloggers — but they're posting messages about California smog....

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