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Journal Journal: Move from is complete, and GoDaddy foo

So first off, The Sunset Grill is now closed. All the redirects are in place as necessary with a simple index page in place - which seems to be pending load-over from the back-end box to the clone. =O.o=

The image gallery remains in place, as does the contact page, as contact also is relied upon heavily by other pages. This however will change.

Also, I'm dumping GoDaddy for After the kerfuffle about SOPA, I can't support them - doubly so after backpedaling. That was just brazen on their part - first supporting it, then backpedaling when they realized how bad it would hurt them? No.

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Journal Journal: ....and the move is mostly complete!

So, as far as that goes, I am calling the move officially "done". The photos from the various anime cons that were up on Northarc are loaded to Chez Vrolet, and a new index has been put up in the main tree.

Still to do to finalize is to put up a redirection tree on Northarc, clear out all of the old data, and continue work on items that aren't yet uploaded to Chez Vrolet. The caveat is that I can't actually do this until such time that the server operator turns my filesystem to rw mode instead of ro mode. I do not know why this is, but frankly, I'm not too worried about it.

As to the redirection to Chez Vrolet Secret Labs, the new web page is at at this time. Sooner or later I will be creating a domain specifically for that page on - not rocket science, just something I haven't gotten 'round to yet. Now, I just need a round tuit. But also, sooner or later (preferably sooner than later), I'll have a list subscribe link for those interested. Expect that around the turn of the year - probably on Jan 1 if I'm not hung over. =^_^=

Northarc's been fun, but time to move onward and upward.

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Journal Journal: Migrating the page

So I look, and it's been about seven years since I've updated this thing.

A few of you have something of a tag on here where, if I update The Sunset Grill, I'll post on here. Suffice it to say, though, that there is finally a new update: it is moving.

The whole reason that I hosted the page on is because a friend offered the web space back in the 1990s, and I had all plans on migrating off of that machine once I got my hands on a suitable server. That time, effectively, has come:: my own website,, has been in operation since 2002. As of 2007, it has been in a rack mount in the SF Bay area, and as I write this from my home in Washington (yes, I have moved from Orange County to Seattle), I have a replacement 1U rackmount unit, wilth all plans to get new components in it and accordingly ship it down.

In the meantime, I am preparing for the equipment transition by upgrading the code a little bit on the pages. So there will be two final updates on my own page: this one, to indicate that it is moving, and the final update stating it has moved.

As for the Northarc Anime Image Gallery, that will remain on I will likely mirror it on, once the hardware replacement is set. Unfortunately, Usenet's just isn't such a good resource any longer - so if I have any plans on updating that with new content beyond a recent update, then I need to look elsewhere.

So with all this, then, if you're interested in that site update, yeah, stay tuned. If you're not, though, then there you go. =)


Journal Journal: New stuff coming on image gallery

I've implemented the new tool (sort of) I spoke of in my last post in the anime image gallery. The only problem is that it sticks everything on one page, so if there are a lot of images, it takes a bit for it to load up the thumbnails. I'll have to fix that. For those curious as to what it looks like, click here for a preview. I"ll be sticking with the usual black background, but I need to create a CSS for the purpose.
The Internet

Journal Journal: New tool

Real soon now I'll be running something called uberthumb over the anime image gallery. Biggest problem I've had of late is that my tools - specifically, the perl script that generates the HTML tables for the gallery - don't do their job. They're fired.

The only foreseeable problem is that everything is just stuck onto one table. So if you have a gallery with 800 images, you're suddenly pulling down 800 thumbnails. =O.o= I gotta see if there's a way to fix that.

The Internet

Journal Journal: Website update coming soon

OK, so I started up this gallery thing. And it works on Northarc. And there was much rejoicing. (yay)

Now, I'm not going to replace the image archive with Gallery (ugh), rather I'm going to do the con and personal photo galleries in Gallery to make it more manageable for me. It doesn't really look like it'll be too much trouble, based on another project I'm working on over on my system.

In any event, the photo galleries will slowly migrate over to the Gallery setup I now have. Like last year's revamp, I'll keep "legacy" links up for people to continue linking. (BTW, if you link, make sure you update when the time comes - double recursives will slow things down big time.)

Anyway, stay tuned if you're so interested.


Journal Journal: Updates to image gallery

Gah, I've been deposed by a quizilla?! WTF!

In any case, I've just uploaded a few dozen images to the image gallery.

Also, somebody had sent me a message indicating where stuff in the unsorted directory are supposed to go. Owing to PEBKAC, it got deleted. Dammit.


Journal Journal: We're number 1!

A quick look on Google has revealed that the anime image gallery comes up as the first result on Google by searching for the terms 'anime images'.

Wow. =O.o=


Journal Journal: This time, he's gone TOO far 2

Today I printed a letter to nine parties - my three congresscritters, Senator Orrin Hatch, The Governator, Dubya, McBride, Dept. of Homeland Security, and Al "I invented the internet" Gore. Why? Because McBride decided to write his congressman.

Say what you will about this, but this is one of those few things that I'm passionate about, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let some asshat in Utah try and undermine my right to choose what I want to run on my computer.


Journal Journal: More images!

Added more images to the gallery. Nothing terrible. Also did some sorting of the unsorted masses. Thanks to those again who do this on a regular basis - I forget who you are atm. (Sorry, having a senior moment. =^^=)

Journal Journal: Northarc Gallery is up

It's back. The directory was moved off of the raid, which seems to be flakey anyway.

Journal Journal: Northarc Gallery is down

The raid that the gallery sits on is going into conniptions and has been down the past couple of weeks. I don't know when it'll be back up, but they're trying to get it back up. Viewers of the gallery will meanwile be treated to a 403/Forbidden message. I'm working on getting the gallery posted elsewhere (thank God for backups), but it's up to the admins at Northarc.

For those who were looking for clues as to where it went, sorry about the delays in posting.


Journal Journal: More SCO stuff

No response yet per the update, but I sent a letter again. Many thanks to ESR for allowing me to send McBride a copy of the open letter along with it.

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