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Comment Re: Renewables will never work (Score 1) 340

Nope. The capacity of an installed solar panel is the sum or average of expected generation over a day/month/year, so it takes generation time and location into account.

No, it is not. In the case of solar panels the capacity has nothing to do with real life performance, it is measured as output generated with 1000 W / m2 illumination (that is the amount of sun it wold receive on a sunny sommer's noon).

The same with all other generators: capacity is nameplate capacity and in the case of wind and solar, it is seldom reached.

Comment Re:Doesn't sound plausible (Score 2) 112

That is a tired argument and it is not true.

Yet you go on and enumerate anecdotes from your own life that actually support the argument that somehow preventing piracy would not result in increased sales - and in this respect the actual reason (be it the inability to get legal content or the simple unwillingnes to pay for it) does not matter.

I am tempted to think that the statement "money spent on preventing piracy has a negative ROI" is probably true.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 1) 367

there is no statistical power to any of the claims that "self-driving" is safer, or even as safe as human driven cars.

Also, there is no production-ready self-driving car so it may be just a little too early to demand such data.

Mercedes-Benz is painting a target on itself for claims it didn't need to make - the function in these situations is to stop the car and nothing else.

You know, besides affecting the length of the speed vector the self-driving car is also capable altering the heading of the speed vector so yes, there is more to it than simply stopping the car.

Comment Re: Reading too much /. (Score 1) 111

You can't trademark sound or lyric because they belong to copyright category.

Trademark and copyright are two distinct aspects that have nothing to do with each other so there's nothing to prevent a thing to be both a trademark and under copyright protection (Mickey Mouse is a very prominent example of such).

And of course you can trademark sound - even the USPTO website displays a collection of trademarked sounds.

Comment Re:Oh yeah? Then what are you gonna do about it? (Score 2) 410

What is sketchy is the retrospective nature of the "and grab a few billion from Apple while you're fixing it".

Not really, it goes all according to the rules. When you are cheating with your taxes, does the Tax Office just say that you should not cheat any more or will it demand all the money you should have paid? Of course the latter.
And as such, there's also a time limit, in this case 10 years (it goes back to 2003 as the 10 years begins from the start of the investigation, 2013) so although there was some shady business going on between Ireland and Apple since 1991, not all of the unpaid taxes have to be paid.

Comment please, editors (Score 5, Informative) 87

So, to get this right:
  - it's an update of the basic Kindle
  - the "memory" referred to in the summary is the system RAM, the storage space probably remains 4 GB (but Amazon is not very good at supplying exact specs for the Kindle line)
  - its screen has nothing to do with the Paperwhite's, it remains the same old 167 ppi, unlit screen of Kindle 4 vintage
  - the touchscreen was introduced by the 2014 update, it stays the same
  - the price also stays the same, $100 or $80 with ads
  - it actually got a little lighter and smaller

Comment Re:Energy density per kg (Score 2) 242

Instead of electric engines they used regular jet engines, with the combustion chamber using heat from the reactor instead of burning fuel.

Actually what they have managed to do (both the USA and the russians) is to put a working nuclear reactor on a aircrafts using conventional engines - the reactors had nothing to do with moving the aircrafts. After that point, the projects were abandoned because there were too many problems (radiation shielding was a big one).

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