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Comment please, editors (Score 5, Informative) 87

So, to get this right:
  - it's an update of the basic Kindle
  - the "memory" referred to in the summary is the system RAM, the storage space probably remains 4 GB (but Amazon is not very good at supplying exact specs for the Kindle line)
  - its screen has nothing to do with the Paperwhite's, it remains the same old 167 ppi, unlit screen of Kindle 4 vintage
  - the touchscreen was introduced by the 2014 update, it stays the same
  - the price also stays the same, $100 or $80 with ads
  - it actually got a little lighter and smaller

Comment Re:Energy density per kg (Score 2) 242

Instead of electric engines they used regular jet engines, with the combustion chamber using heat from the reactor instead of burning fuel.

Actually what they have managed to do (both the USA and the russians) is to put a working nuclear reactor on a aircrafts using conventional engines - the reactors had nothing to do with moving the aircrafts. After that point, the projects were abandoned because there were too many problems (radiation shielding was a big one).

Comment Re:Quality was never the problem (Score 2) 565

Not so long ago, on an Ubuntu VM (I think), I was trying to change some system configuration or another.

There simply was no interface to edit whatever it was I was trying to do. You just sort of ran off the end of the earth, and then you were on your own.

The same also applies to Windows, nothing new here.

Comment Re:Notch is abhorrent (Score 2) 63

Zachary Barth made infinimer, of which Notch took the unencrypted source code and made Minecraft.

That's a pretty serious allegiation that would be easy to prove since the source code for Infiniminer was leaked and the source code for Minecraft was reversed - yet nobody came up with this but you.
Do you have any proof or we can just assume that you are spewing bullshit?

Notch Persson gave nothing back.

I would think helping out Humble Bundle (with money and with spreading the word) in itself classifies as giving back to the indie scene.

He shit all over the Indie scene, having made himself thie authoratitve voice in indy culture.

Oh, yeah, we all know the story of the extrovert Notch who has pushed himself into the limelight... oh, wait, no, it's something you have fabricated.

Frankly, if you dislike someone, just say so, but do not make up shit and especially do not make up shit that is obviously not true.

Comment Re:The Science In a SciFi movie... (Score 1) 163

I'll admit I haven't seen the move or read the book, but where in hell does he get the seeds and fertilizer to grow plants in Martian soil?

There is a plausible explanation in the book for this (the mission had neither fertilizer nor seeds as such). My recommendation is to read a book - it's not that long and quite enjoyable.

Comment Re:Valve is the lever moving the PC gaming world (Score 5, Informative) 57

Valve mostly uses the Source engine and it already supports Linux, so a lot of Valve games are already Linux+SteamOS games.

The Linux port of CryEngine does not mean however that the existing CryEngine games get a Linux port overnight as it requires further work on the game developer's side (at the very minimum a recompilation but I guess there will be lots of small things and also it may be a problem if they use any third-party lib that does not support Linux)

Comment Re:Snake oil is everywhere (Score 1) 668

One particularly salient point, brought up by many, is that the treatment is "untested". His treatment doesn't work because there are no studies to confirm this.

No one addresses the evidence.

Huh? Studies ARE the evidence. Anecdotal data is not. And it seems like that Burzynski is working hard to NOT have any studies done.

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