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Submission + - New NASA Data Blows Gaping Hole in Global Warming (

d3ac0n writes: NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. (PDF Warning)The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed.

Submission + - RFID card readers and software

d3ac0n writes: I'm looking to get my hands on an RFID card reader and software to hook to my Ubuntu Linux laptop (Although using Windows is not out of the question) to use in a demo for my boss.

My work is considering going to an RFID card security system. I have been involved in preliminary discussions about the security of the systems we are considering and have been in opposition to an RFID system due to it's basic insecurity.

I have been asked to demo several exploits to RFID, but need to get my hands on the proper equipment and software. The material I procure has to be able to read and write most of the major RFID card systems, as well as credit card systems (we are also looking into RFID POS equipment for several Kiosks we have, many outfits are offering combo packages.)

I have been looking around most of the standard places (Ebay, Google, etc.) But there are many different options out there. I am specifically looking for the type of system that someone attempting to either surreptitiously sniff credit card data from our public kiosks or obtain access to our corporate headquarters might use. I suspect these would be two different setups, and I'm willing and able to buy whatever may be needed, but would prefer the types of cheap and easy to obtain units that a freelance crook might use.

What hardware/software combos do you suggest? Please be specific, and include links to downloads and/or websites where I can buy equipment if possible. I have been given about two weeks to prepare, (the discussions are just beginning on this) so it's not an emergency, but the quicker I can get started the better.

Submission + - Global Cooling?

d3ac0n writes: The Australian reports a few inconvenient truths regarding global climate change that have yet to receive much attention from a media sold on global warming. Not only has the Earth cooled since its peak year in 1998, not only are oceans cooler than predicted, but new NASA data shows that the computer models that predicted runaway global warming were based on a fundamental error. Rather than having clouds and water vapor amplifying the warming effect of carbon in the atmosphere, it turns out that they compensate for it! (Credit to Hot Air's Ed Morrisey for the article summary.)

Submission + - Digital 'Fair Use' Bill Introduced In Congress

d3ac0n writes: "From the Washington Post: gital_fair_use_bill_introduc.html

Today, Reps. Rich Boucher (D-Va.) and John Dolittle (R-Calif.) introduced what they call the "Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship" (or FAIR USE) Act they say will make it easier for digital media consumers to use the content they buy.
A refreshing bipartisan effort to return Fair Use to it's rightful place as the law of the land. (for media content, anyway)"

Submission + - Democrat Party Threatens Censorship

d3ac0n writes: "As seen various places online, the Democrat Party heads have written a letter to ABC containing a thinly veiled threat to revoke thier broadcast license if they air the controvertial "The Road to 9/11" miniseries this week.

From the letter:
The Communications Act of 1934 provides your network with a free broadcast license predicated on the fundamental understanding of your principle obligation to act as a trustee of the public airwaves in serving the public interest....
We urge you, after full consideration of the facts, to uphold your responsibilities as a respected member of American society and as a beneficiary of the free use of the public airwaves to cancel this factually inaccurate and deeply misguided program.

While not specifically stating that thier license would be revoked, the obvious threat is that it would be should they air a program which is purported to place much of the blame for 9/11 squarely in the lap of the Clinton Administration and the Democrat party.

Regardless of political affiliation, this type of chilling behavior should alarm any free-speech minded slashdotters. If any political party is allowed to get away with censoring speech, particularly politically-relevant speech, how long is it before free speech is a relic of the past in the United States and the world?"

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