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Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 0) 138

OK, but.... But most people alive today will not see that happening and almost all current /. readers will not see that. Maybe it will happen and maybe not, then again what does it matter to those who will not be there? Doesn't matter 1 bit, regardless of what you believe you think, once you are personally dead the entire universe may as well cease to exist, 0 difference to you.

Comment I would openly celebrate, too (Score -1, Troll) 274

If my business was now going to make more money, regardless of the reason why. More anticapitalist hate from the lefty-commies at Slashdot, nothing to see here.

I'd say it's time to go buy stock in some hotel chains doing business in and around New York, but then I remember that Cheetos and Mountain Dew aren't free so there probably isn't much extra liquidity floating around these parts to actually make any money off of, hence the capitalist hate.

User Journal

Journal Journal: As predicted ACA and insurance are incompatible.

An article in nytimes shows that millions of Americans choose not to pay insurance premiums but instead only get insurance coverage when they need it because the premiums are more expensive than government penalties of not buying insurance and because simultaneously the government forces the insurance companies to cover anybody regardless of any pre-existing conditions.

Comment Re:Shit summary (Score 1) 79

I'm not talking about 3rd party ROMs like Cyanogenmod. That's why I said it can't be done "without rooting, etc.". Sure I can run a 3rd party ROM but then I lose VoLTE, that's the point.

The last 3 Andoids I've used are VoLTE capable and enabled running stock ROMs, and my last 2 iPhones (6 and 7) are as well (both capable and enabled). Let me select the mode I wish to use and be done with it. All I get as a benefit from allowing legacy air interfaces to be an option is decreased battery life as the phone monitors a network I have no interest in using (and if I do need/want it, I'll select it manually).

Comment Shit summary (Score 1) 79

This isn't something that can eavesdrop on LTE calls, it just forces the phone off of LTE back onto older more insecure air interfaces. But it does make sense now why no phone I've ever owned allows me to force LTE-only mode (without resorting to rooting, jailbreaking, or other hacking), they need to make sure the TLAs can backdoor us onto their stingrays at any given moment.

Comment Re:Supply and Demand - where is the demand? (Score 1) 425

Several million times a year, guns are used to deter or prevent crime. Most of those are merely showing the gun or announcing its presence. Very very few of these make the news, because they are boring. But they work because guns are simple and effective. If all guns were smart guns, they'd bo so unreliable that very few criminals would be deterred by them, and crime would skyrocket.

On, and all your police would be be effectively disarmed too. Unless of course you think police (who commit more crimes off-duty than conceal carriers) are more responsible than "civilians".

Fuck off, slaver who is too stupid to think.

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