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Comment Re:Ban drug ad's like most developed nations do! (Score -1) 277

'Most nations' do all sorts of crazy shit (and so does the USA) however drug ads to me are not different from shoe or car or food ads, drugs are a business, the only problem is government involvement, be it fda or medicare or medicaid or any form of government taxation and spending on anything related to healthcare or any form of business regulation beyond fraud. Ads are fine.

Comment Re: What about the rest of us? (Score 1) 75

The cost of living on the Vinyard is insane - cheap housing would just be a cruel market distortion.

Let the grocery stores all go bare and then see if the employers really can't pay much above minimum-wage. I suspect the customers will pay what it costs. Your plan of taking money from working-class people in Worchester to subsidize the grocery prices on the Vineyard is classic elitist abuse.

Comment Re: Young engineers ... (Score 1) 221

Have you ever used a Dyson product? They suck (except the ones that are supposed to).

Good news that this little battery company had its own R&D staff, perhaps some of them who've had some life experience. If they just need a billion dollars to succeed, then I'm all for it and hope Dyson profits handsomely.

Comment Re:Not until the laws are changed (Score 4, Informative) 172

Any employee taking this option is a fool. They would be voluntarily giving up the (sometimes meager) benefits of being defined as a full time employee under US law. Great for Amazon, terrible for the employee.

Under 32 hours and the law would say no benefits are required. Amazon is actually giving them a straight ratio of benefits instead of dropping them to part-time. It's the opposite of a dickish move, as far as the law is concerned (and Amazon is showing that the law need not dictate when businesses are competing for employees).

There are probably many parents who will jump at this kind of opportunity (plus others who want to start a business, do more volunteering, or just have more leisure time).

Comment NO! (Score 1) 363

I havent had an optical drive internally installed for at least 7 years. I hahavent OWNED an optical drive for at least 3. Optical sucks. I will occasionally burn my photos to optical just to have them on a different format than flash/HDD.

Comment Re:Speed or density? (Score 1) 138

Or cheaper. We've been hearing about SSD under 30 cents a GB "real soon now" for, what, five years now? At ten cents it replaces hard drives in all small capacities. The slope still puts that many years out.

Maybe 3DXpoint will depress the NAND prices for existing fab utilization next year. Here's hoping.

Comment Re:little to do with pokeman go (Score 1, Offtopic) 143


You joke but this is government logic. 2 people got killed by drivers playing pokemon. Very visible, perfect "think of the children" motivator to rally up support for your campaign. I can see politicians trying to ban pokemon in certain areas or while driving which is just impossible to enforce.

But how many people have actually prolonged their life by playing pokemon? Seriously, this game did something amazing: it got people off the couch and walking around in the park. I have never seen a video game do that before. I have friends that lost weight by doing nothing different except playing pokemon.

It's just like a politician mandating people wear helmets on a bicycle. Sure all else being equal it is safer, and I am sure wearing a helmet has saved some lives, but they don't look at unintended consequences: people dislike going on the bicycle with a helmet and it makes biking more expensive, so less people do it which ends up costing more lives than it saves by virtue of encouraging couch potatoes.

Comment Re: Does not replace mount (Score 1) 538

I get that the Unix way is to have lots of little utilities and services doing specific things

But this is exactly what Systemd is. Systemd is a collection of several dozens of binaries each one doing specific things. People say systemd is monolithic and bloated because it packages all these binaries together. But that is exactly how other popular packages like util-linux and binutils are packaged, and nobody bats an eye about them.

Heck by any definition of monolithic, the linux kernel is a lot more monolithic than systemd. Where is the outrage?. There is an occasional microkernel vs monolithic kernel discussion, but its nothing compared to the Systemd flamewars.

I know this is slashdot and it is customary to hate SystemD, but does anyone actually have a technical argument against it? All the systemd tools I have tried seems to work well. Even if they didn't, they are all separate binaries and it is trivial to replace each individual component. It seems to be adopted by a lot of distributions by the developers choice. Has anyone here had an actual problem with systemd? if so, were you unable to replace the specific tool from systemd that did not work for you?

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